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  1. lklawson

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    I'm "interested" in the Taurus PT111 G2 but have a couple of questions about felt recoil and shooting comfort.

    My boy has decided that he's ready to move up to a center-fire handgun from his Ruger SR22. Says it's "too light." I let him shoot my Remington 1911R1 and he didn't like the recoil or weight. So I need something that's center-fire but "mildly" recoiling.

    My basic requirements are:
    • Center-fire
    • Inexpensive
    • Comfortable and light recoiling

    So, basically, I'm thinking a service sized, all steel, 9mm, in the "cheap" range. He doesn't like my Hi Point C9 or I'd throw that at him right now. :)

    The Zastava M88A fits all of my requirements and he says he likes the looks of it. Being all steel, it'll be a light recoiling firearm. But, frankly, it's gotten mixed reviews for some things. Apparently, they're usually set up with a Military Center Hold sight alignment which means a lot of folks (me included) will shoot it low. And it has a reputation for walking sights out of the dovetails. And, to pick nits, while I do like that it has a Firing Pin Block Safety, I don't like that it has a Euro style "up for fire, down for safe" Thumb Safety. After using many different guns, some with Euro up-for-fire and some with American down-for-fire, I truly believe that the latter is simply far more intuitive and natural.

    Now, that said, I like Taurus well enough and have, personally, had good experiences with the brand. The usual sale price on the G2 seems to beat the Zastava by a pleasant amount and, should my teenage son manage to live long enough to be old enough to CC (grrr... sometimes it's a challenge!) then the PT111 G2 is, imo, better suited to that.

    So, between the two, the G2 has more of what I want as a dad buying for a son. But I really don't know what it recoils like. Is the recoil impulse heavier than a 1911 chucking 230gr. bullets?

    I'd love to be able to compare the two, and let him shoot each, but the local rental range doesn't have either.

    From what I've read the G2 recoils more mildly than the PF9, but that's not hard to do. :) Every review I've read says that it's "mildly recoiling" but, frankly, strangers can't listen to my question, reasoning, and then give me an answer.

    For those of you who have this firearm, could you please compare the recoil and shooting comfort to some of the other arms I'm familiar with: Hi Point C9, Makarov, Kel Tec P11, Remington 1911R1, Remington R51, any of the 9x18 Mak cal. handguns (but particularly the CZ82), CZ52, CZ70, Astra 400. I think that should cover the range of recoil options.

    Remember, I'm trying to gauge the recoil & comfort of the G2 in relation to a slightly built teenage boy who thinks the 1911 is a bit too much but his SR22 is too little.

    While I appreciate suggestions for other choices besides the G2, for simplicity sake, let's keep this particular thread to the G2 (and maybe a little the M88A).

    Peace favor your sword,
  2. moona11

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    I dont mind the recoil of it. neither does my 13 year old. He has shoot my P11 and didn't like much. He has a Ruger 9 and a Walther PPQ and shoots my 1911 and M&P45 easily enough.

  3. Where are you looking to find a $200 sale price on the PT111?

  4. lklawson

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    How does the felt recoil of the G2 compare to the 1911? Lighter? Snappier?

    Peace favor your sword,
  5. greg_r

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    My SIL has a G2 and I have shot it extensively. I have the SCCY CPX2. I would say the G2 recoil is comparable to the SCCY, maybe not quite as snappy, but close. It is definitely not as pleasant to shoot as my RIA FS1911 GI model. I think if he does not like the 1911, he definitely will not like the PT111G2.
  6. eet

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    I have an SR22, a G2 in 40, a stepfather with a G2 in 9 and a 15 y/o (who is somewhat small).

    The boy has shot all of them (+). He has no problem with the G2 in 9 but thinks the 40 is a bit too snappy (not that you were contemplating the 40). He has shot a number of 9's without issue (ie complaint) as well as 1911's. He shoots his HiPoint 45 quite often so he is comfortable with the higher recoil, I'm not sure if that makes a difference in his perception.

    Ergonomically I find the G2 close to the SR22, a little thicker and a little heavier but a very similar "feel". I haven't shot a 1911 and the G2's side by side but from recollection... The G2 in 9 is snappier than the 1911 but has an overall lower recoil, 1911's tend to not be very snappy IMHO but have a "push" to them. I find the recoil of the G2 9 similar to the Glock 17, even though the G2 is smaller I suspect the better feel in my hand helps.

    I really like the G2 and I think it would be great for your son especially if he likes his SR22. If you reload you might consider making some "light" rounds for him to start with so the jump from the SR22 to G2 9 is not as big (I did this for my son and the 45).

    I realize you are quite a distance away but if you were closer (or going to be in the area) I could arrange a side by side comparison.
  7. lklawson

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    Thanks. That's the sort of info I'm looking for.

    Peace favor your sword,
  8. lklawson

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    Thanks. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  9. My PT111 has slightly more recoil feel than my SW M&P FS 9.

    For FS 9mm guns the SW SD9VE and the Ruger SR9 LE are decently priced.

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    kENTUCKY gUn co runs them on sale for $199. I have shot one. Much better trigger, and recoil over the SCCY.

    I have shot a SD9VE it has much more muzzle flip than my G27 converted to 9mm (much shorter barrel than the SD)
  12. lklawson

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    Yeah, I checked the genitron sight but, while useful, their calculation can't really take into account some things which make a difference in perceived recoil such as comfort of the grip. I don't think they take into account the relative height of the bore axis over the grip either. So, while useful, it's missing the "human" element. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  13. I havent shot one. But my perception has been most light shorter barrel 9mm's recoil very similar to the famed 1911. The sub compacts are even worse.

    I really think if you get him to take his time and get used to the 45 he will be fine with recoil.

    I know it took some getting used to for me to shoot my Flare gun in .410 but the more i shoot it the more i get over that kick and fear.

    I wouldn't purchase a poly frame light, short 9mm hoping it to kick less than the metal 1911. probably better off with a metal frame Taurus PT-92, or bersa 9mm
  14. greg_r

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    I am going to disagree with you on this, but it is purely personal preference. I think the PT111G2 has a horrible trigger. Lots of take up and it breaks at the very rear. They have a reputation for shooting low left. I think the trigger breaking so far back has a lot to do with this. Makes it easy to pull shots. That said, if you like the trigger, it does have a quick reset.
    Again, personal preference. I grew up on 1911's and revolvers. I want a decent single action or resistance for the entire sweep of the trigger.
  15. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    This, the poly compact 9's can be quite snappy.
  16. moona11

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    E said you guys need to let your balls drop. :-D
  17. ajole

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    NE Utah

    I understand Kirk's boy's impressions, but the rest of you...:rolleyes:

    Kirk, I can't comment on the 111, but my 140 is a sharp recoiling gun, more so than the Springer XD-SC, even.

    I literally have no 9 mm guns but 9X18, and the HPs, and the Norinco Tok clone. Oh, and the P38.:p

    But my daughter has the SR9 full size, it's a nice easy gun to shoot, points well for me. The SR9E isn't a bad deal

    Here's a suggestion for you...get the inexpensive Taurus, and if he feels like it's snappy, just reload some lighter plinking rounds for him. Eventually he'll grow into the recoil (if it even bothers him) and it'll be fine.:)
  18. Visper

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    Good stuff Ajole. I agree:

    I have an older Taurus (24/7 Pro C) it is in 40 S&W though. It is snappy but its supposed to be... its a small CC firearm, not a range toy.

    The M88a I have shot also, tried out a range buddies. With it being steel and more of a full size pistol the recoil was what you would expect. The sights aren't the best but you can adjust to that. It is simple/basic but for your sons first centerfire, you can't really go wrong with it either.
  19. lklawson

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    Cool. :cool:

    But it'd still be a Ruger. I still haven't forgiven myself for buying the SR22 for him. ;)

    Blast it. You reloaders are like a Cult or something. I haven't really even geared into .223 comfortably yet, never mind the 30-30 that I have dies for now, or even the .308 that I'm semi-committed to (without any gear, mind you) and now you're pushing me to reload for 9? :eek:

    At this rate, I'm gonna have to shave my head and sell flowers at the air port to fund my reloading "hobby." :rofl:

    OK, seriously, I guess that's not a bad idea.

    Peace favor your sword,