Taurus PT111 MIL Pro G2 on Grab a Gun for $199

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by tallbump, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. I have one and highly recommend it. BTW, that's a great price.

  2. bscar

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    sold out already
  3. Flip, does it feel about the same size as a C9?
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  5. case

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    Ky gun co is awesome and only 30 min from my gouse
  6. tallbump

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    I wondered about this too.

    The specs make it seem pretty comparable

    Model: 111G2
    Finish: Blue
    Status: Available
    Caliber: 9 mm
    UPC: 7-25327-61060-1
    Capacity: 12 +1
    Weight: 22 oz.
    Barrel Length: 3.2"
    Frame: Compact
    Action: SA/DA
    Front Sight: Fixed
    Length: 6.24"
  7. RobbK

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    The Pt 111 is probably the best auto pistol in Taurus line. It feels nothing like the C9. Its not knight wider than most single stacks but still holds 12 rounds. If you get one go with the stainless as what. Ever the other one has wears off fast.
  8. What he said.
  9. I just ordered one from Ky Gun with a credit and shipping insurance for $207. I never read one negative comment on them so at that price I did it.
  10. tallbump

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    I haven't handled one, but from what I have read I really like them.

    I won't be spending $200 on a pistol anytime soon, but if I was I would definitely consider this.

    If nothing else, it's lighter than the C9 I carry now, and it holds 4 more rounds
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    Gun show tomorrow but I doubt ill find one for that price!