Taurus PT111

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  1. I am considering buying one for CC. Are there any owners here willing to share their experience with it? Good/bad. Love it/hate it? From what I read online it seems to be a good gun at a good price.

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  3. Thanks I did go there. I am a member on that too. I just wanted run it past the gang here to see if anyone has had any different experiences with it. just a CYA
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    I've had a PT-145 since 2006, been carrying it for 18 months now. I love this thing. I find it to be very accurate and easy to carry. Easy to field strip and maintain. The Hogue Hand All Jr is a great addition to the grip. Most Glock 26/27 holster will fit nicely. I had a G27 for a short time but it didn't offer me anything the Taurus couldn't do. Their sizes are almost identical but the Taurus grip is a touch longer on the back side, fills your grip better. http://www.hipointfirearmsforums.com/forum/f277/taurus-millenium-pro-40-pros-cons-298766/
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