Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro .45

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    I have a chance to pick up one of these slightly used. The recoil is too much for my friend. He says he only put about 30 rounds through it and it was good except for the hand pain he experienced for almost a week. :shock: I have no experience with Taurus pistols and I am wondering if this model is any good? I can get it for $200.00 cash. I have a Taurus .22 revolver that has never given me any trouble. Thanks. I am not too worried about recoil as my main CCW is a Glock27. This would be my first .45. 8)
  2. FLA,

    I have the Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro 9mm and its been fantastic since day one, never missed a beat with any brand/type of ammo I have used including my reloads.

    Have zero shooting time with the PT145 M-Pro, but have laid my hands on them in the stores and at shows. Size is pretty close to my 9mm, so I think recoil would be an issue when it came to extended range sessions. One thing to remember is these pistols are sub-compacts and designed for concealed carry instead of pleasant range shooting pistols. If you want a comfortable range shooter you may want to consider a full sized 1911 or another full sized .45cal pistol. But for $200 its hard to turn it down, even if you didnt like it you could get that back out of it on a trade.

    One last note... Make sure it is a Millennium Pro, the non Pro models had issues and when they were addressed and corrected the line was re-introduced as the Millennium Pro.

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    +1 to what rimfire hunter said.

    Millennium's are carry pistols & if you are looking for a range gun maybe that's not the one for you. But $200 is fantastic for a pro. I've shot the .40 millennium and plan on getting one at some point.

    If you aren't going to buy it and the seller's in CT PM me, I'll buy it and use it as a CCW :) I recently bought a Ruger p345 and it is slowly sinking in that this is not something I will be able to comfortably carry on a day to day basis.
  4. I have a 145 Millinum Pro and like it a lot. The recoil is managable especially if you have larger hands. I put a grip sleve on mine and it feals a lot better . I use it for CCW . It has a rail to mount a laser if you like.
    $200 is a real good price for it .
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    I own one myself and have had dozens of students qualify with them for CCW classes. They are very reliable. I have heard nothing but positive feedback and I often carry one myself depending upon mood and wardrobe. For the price, its a good deal for a dependable and reliable pistol.
  6. If you dont want it tell him I will buy it!!!!!

    I have heard nothing but good things about this pistol.

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    Thanks for all your replies. I am buying it tomorrow after work. My friend is getting the 9mm version that has a 12 round capacity. He is happy and so am I! This baby stoked with DPX is the ticket. I know it likes this round because that is what my friend fed it.
  8. Great deal, I woulda snatched it up in a heartbeat. You got yourself a good deal on a great gun. Congrats. Plus as a added bonus you can call your buddy a weenie now for not being able to handle "a real caliber" :)