Taurus releasing a new line this year.

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    I received a new catalog from Taurus in the mail last night & saw something that had been flying completely under my radar.

    The new 800 series. Seems like a really fine pistol to me. Basically a 24/7 OSS with a changeable grip, decocker and safety as well as an external hammer.

    I am looking forward to them coming out - and am probably going to buy one in .40 cal.
    Here's a link to the homepage with pics.


    Here's a little preview I found
  2. Interesting. Comes in 12 round 45acp. Decocker/double strike.

    It makes me want to check it out. Too bad it doesn't come with a metal frame.

  3. Ari

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    Not bad looking at all...
  4. Nice looking. Similar lines to some Walthers maybe?