Taurus Revolver Kabooms Video

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  1. That's not very re-assuring. I just bought a used Taurus revolver. I'm going to hope this is the exception not the norm. I wonder what type of loads he was using.

  2. Glennfrank

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    That is pretty scary.
  3. Strangerous

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    I want to know why he filed the frame down, or how long he let something corrosive eat away the frame... For some reason i was led to believe that Taurus's Pistols were made on tooling purchased from S&W, am I wrong or right. (Someone out there will jump at a chance to say i'm wrong)
  4. I remember seeing an older S&W Model 10 at a shop that had tossed the barrel out as it was fired, seems the barrel threads sheared due to over sized bullet being fired at velocities above what the gun was rated for. Without knowing the specifics on the Taurus vid its kinda hard to say what the exact cause was.
  5. Kagern

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    Watch the exhaust from the shot in the slow motion portion... All the gas and flame is going out the cylinder, nothing out the barrel. Oversized round, or did he fail to notice the squib before it?
  6. Ouch! Thank God nobody was hurt!
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    I carried a Taurus Mod 66 for a few years before the C9, and I'm HARDLY one to believe this video on face value. Yeah, it went boom, but there's something more to the story that isn't being told. I don't think this one is as legit as it's being presented.

    I for one would trust my life with a Taurus. I have quite a bit of respect for their wheelguns, and until I encounter otherwise myself, I'm going to hold this vid suspect.

    Now, there ARE arms companies that you can't pay me to carry....but this isn't one of them.
  8. I'm surprised that dude's hands are still intact. His left hand is sitting right beside the cylinder when it blows.
    Gotta be something more to this. More than meets the eye.
  9. Ari

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    Totally you are right on the money! I am thinking you hit the nail on the head all the way.
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    that is not typical... something defintely amiss here...
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    That video had no other information to go along with it. The squib stuck in the barrel argument makes a lot of sense. But watching it still makes me go :shock: :shock: !
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    Scary stuff. I am going to have to go with the squib theory though.
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    ive handled lots of taurus revos over the years and all seemed very good. Ive worked on a few, mostly user created problems. only once did i see one that had a factory defect that needed to be fixed.

  14. Having not laid eyes on this gun I would almost lay money on it being user induced failure due to an obstructed bore or oversized bullet.
  15. I showed it to a revolver-packing buddy of mine - his first reaction was reload with quite a bit too much "load". He too thought something was amiss, and possibly on purpose.
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    Had this been a SD situation that guy had better be packing a BUG too. :shock: