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Taurus TH9, the sleeper of 9mm pistols

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I used to be a Taurus fanboy. They were (are) real working man’s guns. They did get some bad reviews, but I think a lot of that was just snobbery. I really never had any issues with them except for a 22 revolver that had really tight tolerances and had to be kept spotless clean or the cylinder would bind, a problem a local gunsmith fixed by shaving the cylinder. But back to the semiautos.

All of my semi autos were of the Millennium family. They were either 45 acp or 380 acp. Also had a 24/7 45 acp. Never a hitch with mine. I did eventually buy a 709 slim, no problems with it either, but the trigger and grip just did not suit me. I constantly shot it low / left. Again, nary a hitch with reliability. Unfortunately I traded off my beloved Taurus pistols when the Taurus class action lawsuit was going on.

I got into some local 3 gun "run and gun" matches sponsored by a local church and wanted a higher capacity handgun. 9mm was the obvious cartridge, and I always wanted a M9. The price was out of the question though, so I turned to Taurus and their PT92. Still a but over budget so I turned to the Taurus P9 ((?). Really can not remember the name, but it was the forerunner to the TH9 I am talking about.) Yep, I ran 3 gun with a H&R Pardner Pump Protector, a DPMS Sportical, and the Taurus. Never did I win, but I was able to play the game, limiting factor was the shotgun, it just did not hole enough rounds. While everyone else was shooting, I was reloading.

Anyways, back to the Beretta 92. Beretta is having a $75 rebate. I thought this just might be my time for a 92. I went to my favorite Distributor, Davidsons, and priced them. Of course I revisited the Taurus PT92 as well. While looking at the Taurus offerings I again ran across the Taurus TH9.

The TH9 is a full size 17 +1 polymer, hammer fired semi-automatic pistol. It can be carried DA / SA like the M9, or cocked and locked like my favorite, the 1911. The double action trigger was smooth and heavy, while the reset was quick and the single action trigger was about 5-6 pounds but crisp. In single action 1911 mode, the trigger was basically dead until you hit a wall then it was the slightly heavy but crisp trigger with a quick reset. The others in the group I shot with called it "the sleeper". A name given to my pistol because it was a lot of value for the money there.

No, I am not going to run out and buy it. There might be a M9 or PT92 in my future, but imam really pretty well set with my current crop of 9mm pistols. But if I were really in the market for a full sized pistol, the TH9 would certainly grab my attention. Pricing at dealers in my area was between $300 and $350.
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My complaint with Taurus was buying parts. They pretty much wanted you to send everything in, then it took weeks or months to get it back.

I only have a few Tauri now, a PT22 Poly, GX4, TX22 (x2) and a revolver. Never had to send them in, but I have bought upgrades to my GX4 and TX22, plus a few magazines. They ship from Georgia now. They are fast.
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