TCJ ammo? Anyone use it?

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  1. I tried a quick phone search and had no luck...

    Is there any reason NOT to use the copper TCJ ammo? I have no problems running any ammo through my HiPoint 995ts carbine, but have never read about the copper jacketed ammo before...
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    There is no reason not to use it. It'll shoot just fine. Some brands may be more or less accurate, but that's not specific to TCJ. TCJ stands for "Total Copper Jacket." It is intended to indicate that the bullet is 100% completely encased in copper. There is some confusion between it and the term "FMJ" (Full Metal Jacket). Some (but not all) FMJ is not 100% encased. Many FMJ, particularly in the 9mm Luger from what I can tell, leaves the base of the bullet exposed and not encased in copper. This means that the incinerating hot gasses act upon exposed lead, which can vaporize trace amounts of it and expel it into the air which the shooter breaths. In well ventilated areas, such as outdoors or in modern indoor OSHA/EPA compliant ranges, this is a non-issue.

    Feel encouraged to shoot TMJ, TCJ, FMJ, JHP, JSP, LRN, LFP, WC, HC, "Plated," "Coated," and whatever else in your 995. It'll be fine.

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  3. Thanks for the sharing of knowledge Kirk. Unfortunately, I hesitated (due to not knowing about this ammo) and lost out on the deal. Guy had nearly 2500 rounds for 10 cents each...:(
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    Sorry about that. Maybe another deal will come along. You should be able to get that or close in pricing when looking at quantities north of 2K. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  5. I actually have 2000 rounds coming for 2 weeks now, but since my 995 (obviously) and my 1st handgun will be 9mm, I figured I'd get a bit of a stockpile going. I should have just jumped on it, but I didn't want to risk being stuck with ammo I couldn't use, like I did when I got my last batch of 12 gauge ammo. Although I guess it'd be a point of conversation for the guys at a local skeet/trap shoot range, watching a guy (me) shoot #8 shot with a tactical, pistol gripped shotgun. :D

    It's been great having this new "hobby" that both my sons enjoy just as much as I do.
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    You can get the little stands for clays and set up a little 3 gun course with very little effort. Before all the participants got to old or moved away we used to have summer biathlons along the path from my house to the barn. We used pellet rifles to shoot little small steels. I would get 10 or 12 here shooting at $5 a round you could win a decent days pay when you got on a roll.