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  1. hi all,
    i'm new to the forum and i have read all the posts for the most part. my question to you is...What are the bad points about this gun? i recently bought one but haven't fired it yet. i've read a lot of good things, but not much in the way of bad points or mannerisms about this gun. Any surprises i should know about? i appreciate your time and inputs. thanks,
  2. Welcome to the forum, in my view the only two bad points to the gun are the cost of ammo and the fact that you have to make sure not to limpwrist the pistol, which is a little harder to make sure not to do than say the C9, otherwise it will jam.

  3. Hmm Downsides, there are not many. Perhaps the lack of aftermarket parts or higher capacity mags. As for what to expect, you should expect it to go bang every time you pull the trigger.
  4. well, i like what i see so far. seems this hi point is a well kept secret. a lot of gun for not so much cash.
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    i love my JHP... havent had any malfunctions and its just as accurate as you will find this side of custom 1911's..... i guess the one complaint ive found so far is that i live in nebraska and its been uber cold and my ragwool gloves are to bulky to shoot with.... i can fire a shot but there is not enough room for the trigger to reset with insulated gloves. but even in 8 degree weather and bare hands i didnt have any limp wrist problems. and it fired without a hitch. and as far as hollow points go i would wait until 300 - 400 rounds to wear in the feeding ramp a bit, thats what i did and i swear that hollowpoints acctually feed better

    i agree that there needs to be some aftermarket for the gun, i would like to see some grips and maybe i rear sight. but hands down i would buy this gun all over again
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    I love it it is ugly as heck and shoot everytime you pull the trigger. Ugly like a Glock with out the price. IMo it out shoots the Glock also!
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    Hi point 45

    good points............50 rds in the 9/10 rings at 15 yds

    less than $150 purchase price

    flawless operation for the first 1700 (and counting) rds

    seeing my friends face after he plugs the 10 ring 25 times

    bad points...............eats ammo

    eats EXPENSIVE ammo

    could buy ONLY 30 boxes of ammo after selling my Glock 19

    in my opinion you cannot buy a better NEW 45 auto priced under $300 than the Hi Point 45.