tell me about the ruger 10/22.

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  1. fattie

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    im thinking of purchasing one for my shtf package im coming up with. i think the 10/22 with a bunch of 30rd mags could be very effective in most sittuations , thanks guys

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    What's more to say? One of the most popular semi-automatic rifles ever made, infinite configurations for stocks with everything from teakwood competition long stocks to bullpup configurations, magazines from 10 rounds to over 100 rounds, durable, and while not the cheapest .22 on the market, it's one of the best supported in the industry.

    That and they got the COOLEST stocks that you just can't find on any other gun! It's #4 on the list of guns to buy, just below the Maverick 88 security and just above the .357 Mag Taurus.
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    awsome , thanks ill be picking one up as soon as lobstering picks up.
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    I love mine. The only modifications I have made are adding a scope, and reworking the factory trigger group and mine will shoot quarter sized groups at 20 yards or so using powderless ammo, despite my lack of shooting skill. We were also hitting pennies at around 35 yards with ease using federal bulk ammo. Firearms come and go with me as I tend to sale and trade quite a bit, but my 10/22 will be staying for good.
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    powderless ammo? is that when its set off just by a primer?
  6. Yes its for practicing indoors I beleive
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    Yes, it is set off by the primer only. Although I must recant my original statement as it looks like the powderless grouping I got was before I bought the scope, and was shot with factory sights.
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    They are reduced power, not no powder. CCI CB's come to mind.
    From CCI's website:

    "CBs are reduced-power cartridges for low-noise pest control or practice. Both are loaded to the same velocity; the CB Long makes loading in some firearms easier.
    22 Short CB part #0026
    22 CB Long part #0038
    Not designed to cycle semi-auto firearms.
    SAFETY NOTE: This is NOT a toy. Treat CB ammo with all the respect and safety procedures due any ammunition. "
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    No, it is powderless ammo made by aguila. The CCI's are reduced powder, aguila is in fact powderless.

    From Cheaper than Dirt

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    Do not forget to look at the Remington 597 you can get the big mags for them and they are nice shooters. Cheap too....
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    So I differ in opinion. While I have shot, and like the accuracy of the 10/22 my preference is a Savage MKII. I see no reason for a high cap. 22. My bug out box has a Savage MkII because it would be use for hunting, not self defense. For that I have a (also bolt action) 8mm turk mauser. If SHTF I will be in a location where lead down range means little. What will matter is accuracy and a reliable gun when I need a shot to go bang and cycle to the next round. For me, that is a bolt action. Now, I will admit that my side arm is a CF380 so I am not COMPLETELY opposed to semi autos...
  13. neothespian

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    Nothing wrong with a bolt action at all!

    REALLY need to get working on the pimp rifle, now that we mention bolt actions....
  14. +1 on the Remington 597, I got mine NIB with a camo stock for something like $150 I haven't picked up a 30 round mag for it yet, but that will be purchased in the near future. Although the 10/22 is an excellent choice as well, my dad has one that is a great shooter, but I prefer the somewhat thicker feeling factory stock of the 597. I actually went out to buy a 10/22 and wound up getting the 597 instead. They also make a 597 in .22 mag if you want something with a little more punch.
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    I love my 10/22, I bought it and 2 30rd magazines for under $200 brand new. They mags easily fit in my coat/sweater and with the factory 10rd I have 70rds on me.

    I went through an entire Federal Value Pack box in one day and only had 4 or 5 fail to fires, and every one of them were with my good friend shooting. I noticed he never tapped his mags to seat the rounds. So maybe they were chambered right.

    Either way. I love my 10/22 it has way to many customization options available and was cheap.

    I also have a bolt action Savage .17hmr which is a ton of fun.
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    I love my 10/22... too bad i'm packing up my stuff to move... i would take her out and punch some serious holes in paper.
    Aguila's Super Colibre ammo is rimfirehunter's solution to "Need more than a BB gun" living in the "City Limits"