Tell me this ain't a beautiful sight!

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    I'm about to order a few more.

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    so how bad is the rust?

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    There are two that have a moderate amount of surface rust, and will require a bit more attention, but there is no rust that should result in any pitting or functional problems. The plan is to strip it totally down, sandblast it all, and re-parkerize everything.

    I don't think it was on purpose, but it was pretty cool; the years are matched. Three are from 1979, and 3 are from 1981. I didn't get a chance to see if any of them happen to be sequentially serial-numbered, but that would be awesome!

    I'm really impressed with the condition these things are in. I expected much worse. I'm placing an order for a few more. I just hope they still have them in stock.
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    I've seen some of those kits for cheap, but I can never seem to find out exactly how much the receiver and magazine assembly would cost for them. If they're not terribly expensive, I've REALLY considered building my own AK.
  5. Very, very nice. Where are they from and how much? I got a 'rusty' '79 from Classic Arms in December for $99.95; I put 'rusty' in quotes because it wasn't bad at all. Copes sent me an '86 in excellent condition -- at least, as excellent as '86s ever get :D -- for about $140, and last week I got a real prize from GunThings for $140: an unfired (or perhaps nearly so) '81 in perfect condition. It even still had the paper packing in the barrel. All three have matching numbers.

    Classic has been out for some time, and Copes also seems to be out of stock. It's getting so you have to chase these down.
  6. There was a barrel ban in 2005. After that, all kits imported had to have their barrels sliced in 2 places (or something like that.

    There was thousands upon thousands of these Romy kits in bonded warehouses that made it just before the barrel ban was enforced. Those are the ones that are finally drying up for good.

    My colection of unbuilt AKs includes 2 romys (like the ones at the top), 2 Hungurian AMMS underfolders, 2 Yugo underfolders, 1 Polish Tantal, 3 AMD65s, 1 Romy RPK.

    I'm hopefully going to order 2 more kits (just plain Romys just to have) then I will be concentrating on ammo (5.45 at Century Arms is an unreal deal right now).
  7. The thing that worries me is that future legislation may grandfather in only those arms that were complete as of a certain date; i.e. if you have a bunch of stockpiled kits, you may not be able to legally assemble them. Of course, there are two approaches to this objection:

    1) It won't happen.
    2) Even if it does happen, they're still on the shelf, waiting for yet future legislation that will free 'em up.

    While I can see things going either way, my current goal is is complete all my kits this year (which takes bucks for compliance parts, finish, etc.), so I'm not going to be stockpiling a bunch. That's not to rule out one or two more, but -- hey -- I have SKSs to worry about, too. :D

    Oh, btw:

    The receiver cost varies, depending out what you use.

    The minimum: $10. which is what I paid for some Tascos that a guy was dumping at a gun show, and which I bent with the travelling AKFiles jig.

    The maximum: somewhere around $80, if you order one prebent and custom stamped. You may have to add an FFL fee on top of this, since bent receivers are considered firearms.

    On top of the receiver itself, you'll need additional compliance parts, for a total of six (or thereabouts; others correct me) . Common choices include trigger groups (three parts), stock parts (up to three), gas piston, flash suppressor, and various magazine parts.

    These will run, depending on manufacturer, from +- $80 on up.

    But, assuming that you're good with tools (which we all know that you, Neo, are), you can build one of vastly greater quality and at a lower cost than you can buy a WASR.
  8. Those are a good investment in my opinion. Oh and yes they are beautiful 8)