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  1. Justme

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    High point carbine(9 mm) for 159dollars and the 380 cal handgun for 119 dollars. My defensive firearm budget is 250 dollars. Tempting, just not sure about the 380.
  2. go for the carbine. a .380 is just too small. IMO, of course.

  3. What's the price of the 9mm pistol in your area? That would have you using the same ammo for both, and a better round for your pistol as well. Hi Point is one of the few ways to meet your budget!

    Good luck whatever you decide... :?
  5. BSK

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    skip on the 380
  6. you can go with the 9mm carbine and pistol, or take a step up and work on getting the .40 S&W carbine and pistol. Little more cost for ammo, but more bang for your buck too.
  7. I'm waiting on the new stock for the 40 but I love my 995.
    Why buy a 380 when it the same size as the 9mm and like everyone else is saying the same ammo for both guns means just buy 1000 rds of 9mm and you set for urban insurrection!
  8. I would use the .380 if I had nothing else. But I would prefer a larger caliber for more dependable knock down power.
  9. freedom

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    Would go with the C9 rather than the 380.
    Guns are the same size and 9mm ammo is cheaper.
    995. 8)
  10. urotu

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    Everyone here is absolutely right. The C9 packs a little more punch, the ammo is cheaper, and if you buy the carbine, the ammo is interchangable. If you buy the carbine, I'd hold out for the C9.

    That being said, I love my CF380, it's been a great gun, and I trust my life with it. It shoots straight, and it shoots everytime I pull the trigger.

    I like my .380, it's my gun..

    There are many like it, but this one is MINE.

    My gun is my best friend. It is my life.

    I must master it as I must master my life.

    My gun without me is useless. Without my gun, I am useless.

    I must fire my gun true.

    I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me.

    I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will...

    My gun and myself know that what counts in war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our bursts, nor the smoke we make.

    We know it is the hits that count. We will hit...

    My gun is human, even as I, because it is my life.

    Thus, I will learn it as a brother.

    I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths, its parts, its accessories, its sights, and its barrel.

    I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage.

    I will keep my gun clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready.

    We will become part of each other. We will...

    Before God I swear this creed.

    My gun and myself are the defenders of my country.

    We are the masters of our enemy.

    We are the saviors of my life.

    So be it, until there is no enemy, but PEACE.
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    Haha, well in my defense I also sport the .45, just depends on my mood. All I was really trying to say was learn to use what you have, and like what you like. My poor little .380 take a terrible beating when people are discussing the caliber wars, but it still gets the job done.
  12. GlockMan

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  13. The .380 would not be my personal choice, although I have owned one in the past.

    On the other hand, I would much rather face 2 muggers with a .380 than I would a rolled up newspaper or a stick. ;)
  14. Ari

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    Friends dont let friends carry .380 as their main carry gun :wink:
  15. p7196

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    Offer them $250 out the door take them home shoot the hell out of the carbine and put the .380 in your safe. Leave the .380 for the wifey to use. Because .380's are girly guns and should come in pink. :lol:
  16. urotu

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    Well hell, if that's what we're talking about, you might as well get a .45 :D :D :D :D

  17. I have the .380, its my trunk gun. It shoots nice. But if you want versatility, get the carbine and a C9. No difference in the size of gun between the C9 and the .380. Ammo is interchangable between the C9 and 995. Also ammo is cheaper for the 9mm then the .380.
  18. neothespian

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    IF you can, try to balance out the budget and move up to the C9. Nothing wrong with the .380 in concept, but you will save ALOT more money in ammo by buying a C9/995 combo, and both weapons compliment each other perfectly. Also, the 995 10-rounder magazines will fit the pistol (with a tad bit of extension out of the bottom) and cycle perfect!

    The flexibility is worth the extra few bucks!