Terrible shot with a pistol, but I love my JHP

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  1. I am going to be brutally honest. I am a terrible shot with a pistol. I first fired a handgun in January of this year. I try shooting four or five times a month. I can consistently hit center mass from 9 feet. I am decent at 15 and getting better at 21 feet. Don't ask about 30 feet or 45 feet. My nickname should be "Mr. Low and Left" a/k/a Mr.Flinch.

    I say this because of all my handguns (Glock, Taurus and Hi-Point) I shoot my JHP the best. It's the softest shooting with zero malfunctions. Can't say that about the Glocks. Go figure. How come I can limp wrist a Glock but not the Hi-Point?

    Notwithstanding the fact I am a bad shot, I really enjoy shooting and especially enjoy the JHP. I probably would've given up if not for the Hi-Point.

    I am going to get a Hi-Point carbine and hope that I have some better success. I will always keep and shoot the JHP.
  2. Don't feel like the lone ranger,,,Im happy if I hit the backstop 8 out 10 times.:D

  3. MachoMelvin

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    Maybe you guys are up for Cataract surgery?
    Had one done Monday & the second one in 4 weeks.
    Then I'll see what I'm shooting at?
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    or you will realize that you have purchased the same 3 handguns 20 times...
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    Melvin, cataracts at 39. Aren't you a little young for that.
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    I was 39 almost 20 years ago?
  7. MachoMelvin

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    I have purchased the same gun twice on 2 different occasions?
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    Why did you buy the "same" gun twice. Did your wife trick you ;-)
  9. MachoMelvin

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    Sold them, had sellers remorse & bought them back.
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    Most civilian, non-LEO, handgun encounters, aka "Self Defense," happen at distances under 20 feet and the target area is about 1.5' x 2' (the torso or "Center of Mass"). Hit 'em anywhere in that area. Multiple times. Spread the hits around just a little bit, you don't want them too clustered; wider groups hit more vital organs.

    With that kind of accuracy, you won't be winning any competitions and you won't be teaching any handgun classes, but, if you can keep that accuracy under stress, you have sufficient skills for the vast majority of handgun self defense scenarios you, as a non-military and non-LEO, are likely to encounter.

    If you want to solve your flinch, keep practicing and get some professional instruction. I strongly recommend an NRA Basic Pistol course.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Not talking variations on the same model. How many of each model do you own?

    Maverick (including early Stallard)
    Stallard JS-9
    Iberia 40
    Haskell JS
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    Once you learn the basics and excel at them here is a simple way to improve your shot placement. You take a silhouette target with orans if possible then take a stip of duck tape and run it down the center of the target. any thing hands with on both sides is a kill shoot. Ideally you want it to be closer to the tape. you shoot and move at the same time or alternate. move in different directions and always do this with care on a live range. Iff you can use barriers or what not to enhance the training. This is a very easy way to teach move and shoot. People get hung up on hitting the center of the target. Know where you shots are going and have fun with it. Or take those bouncing targets and start a ten feet and keep shooting it until you cant hit it anymore. soon you will be hitting it out to 50 yards or farther. Just a lot of practice. Dont get hung up on shooting the same course of fire.
  13. undeRGRound

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    A good buddy of mine, also a certified NRA pistol instructor, says just practice for the O.C. (ocular cavity). It is a playing card sized area on the head, which includes the eyes. Guaranteed one-shot kill... :eek:
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    Which is a MUCH smaller target which also moves more quickly and more randomly than a big honk'n torso. Not that he's wrong about the lethality of a hit there. ...if you can score the hit.

    Peace favor your sword,
  15. Get the carbine. I rifles are a much easier thing to shoot.
    (For 90% of people)

    I grew up with long guns. My first pistol I thought. "Wth this thing can't hit sh*t"
    Pistols takke a lot of practice either fundamentals to get rid of the flinch. And hand movement.
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    Getting the carbine is a good idea, but mastering pistol marksmanship is well worth pursuing. One should learn both long guns and handguns. Even Quigley knew that!
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    I've quoted him out of context. He also cited "lack of armor" for the OC and is a proponent of the "aim small, miss small" theory... ;) It is entirely valid training, in the context of his whole catalog. He sent me an entire 3 ring binder, and lots of great downloads and .pdf files! :D

    Ahhh, Quigley!


    duh, took it from their embed link, first time...
    this time took it from the url :loco:
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    What is wrong with the embed??? :mad:
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    I think it's the youtuDOTbe address.

    I believe that if you found it on the youtube.com address, it would work fine.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Which is valid in a military context but still extremely rare (for now, anyway) in a non-military context. Yeah, it does happen sometimes but it's really quite uncommon.

    Aim for his left nipple. ;)

    For sure. No argument about that. There are more than one "valid training" and some are more valid for certain environments than others. The Mozambique, for instance, is very, very valid for anti-terror, military, and engagements with para-military.

    Neat. Can you PM me the titles of the PDF's? I'm curious.

    Peace favor your sword,