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  1. TylerSpilker

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    I recently read this article about a group going out ad testing their BOBs and seeing how they fair in the real world


    I think its a wonderful idea. While it may be wise to carry a bit more than you would carry if a true BO situation (for safety sake since you aren't in a rush to leave), it would be a good way to see any weaknesses in your design and possibly ways to thin your gear out.

    I want to do some camping this summer and I think I will be investing in a nice rucksack for toting in my gear.
    What do you guys think of testing your BOBs out before a TRUE SHTF scenario rears its ugly head?
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    I did last night, well, in a sorta kinda way: I left my surefire at home (Yeah, a DOH!! moment: I NEVER walk out of the house without it) and knew I had a LED light in my GHB/BOB in my car. I get it out, and take a few minutes sorting through it: no LED light....gah...
    As a sidenote: my friend, who needed the light? He had a 3 Dcell Maglight, and yep, you guessed it, the batteries leaked, and left him out one dead light.

    Preps, and more preps.

  3. TylerSpilker

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    For the life of me I can't find my surefire anywhere (6P Defender model) So I think I will be forced into buying a new one. I might go with one of their LED models this time though.

    I am thinking of planning a camping trip to test the BOB i will be making.
  4. Sago

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    This is a must do.

    Exactly as if you were going to have to bug out. Or as close as you can get to it. With one additional difference, bring a notebook. Every time you slap yourself in the forehead about something get out the notebook and make a note. When you have the notes ironed out go out again. When you don't have to write anything more down. Reverse the process.
    If you are not using something you are carrying and or its job could be done by something else try eliminating it. Some things are obvious.
    Like food. Some things are not. Like dish soap or disposable food containers. Camping with out a fire and smelling like food is bad in many areas of the country.
  5. JMcDonald

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    I plan on first just camping out in the back yard with only what is in my light duty BOB. That will mean sleeping in probably a hoody / jeans, a poncho, a space blanket, and a 4' x 2' towel. I will see how that goes and get braver from there.

    The rest of the major gear (food, tent, extra clothes, etc) will be stored in a second, larger bag (the first one is for a "oh **** gotta run now!" situation where I won't have time to carry much else.
  6. Haven't performed a full out test yet, but do little things all the time. Practice building shelters in the back yard with tarp and rope and practice building a fire using a variety of techniques on a fairly regular basis.
  7. 69burbon

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    I need to do that this summer. I haven't in a while. We usually do that once a year at least. This is when we rotate the food. We also update clothing (or go on a diet!!!) :wink:
  8. I say just go camping!!! I bring my BOB with me use some items out of it... I dont think there is any reason to put yourself through 2 or 3 days of misery. Everyone is capable of going through alot of crappy situations.... No reason in my head that says you have to do it......

    But its up to you!!! Let us know how it goes
  9. Camping is a great way to test your survival gear, you can do this in your backyard, in the woods, mountains, desert or a public camp ground that has a primitive camping area.