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  1. Just wondering how many we have. If enought.... and not in opposite corners of the state.... maybe get a shoot organized. I know of at least 3 in the Houston area... who else?
  2. DLC

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    In Texas, but I am in Austin.

  3. Hey, thats close enough to meet half way for an organized once or twice a year shoot. Like in Brenham or farther north to include any memebers in Dallas/FW area.
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    Austin here...
  5. I live in Beautiful Mountains. I wonder what fenchy got drunk and named this flat place Beaumont.
  6. z71silverado98

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    Corpus Chrisiti (the Body of Christ) right around the naval region. :lol:
  7. Beaumont (Beautiful Mountains) flat as a pancake... some drunk azz cajun's named the place... I don't know what they saw, but I'm still searchin' for a freakin' hill to climb 'round here... he he he
    Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) cool town. Like the coastal area with the fancy houses. But you don't need a Cat5. Hell, we don't need a Cat5 here in Houston either... bad bitness....

    Well, Bushman.. as you already know, I'm in the Houston area (Katy).
    Hey my dad lives out in Brenham. I need to go shooting with him some day, out that way... I can't talk him into driving into the city anymore. He's older now and hates Houston...
  8. Shadowlands:

    Who doesn't hate houston? Trafic is by far my biggest beef with this city.

    Does your dad have land up there? Cause organizing a shoot in someones private land would be 10X better than at some range.

    As for all the reast of you Texans, ring in!!! I already saw an Arizona thread showing us up.
  9. Indeed. I need more people to see how bad my shooting is an dlaugh at me. :p
  10. Sir, you are assuming that I can hit the broad side of a barn.
  11. Well, atleast I know I can shoot better than the thug gangsta wanna bes. I decided to go to the shooting people with range from work. Me and 3 others. They were the rap listening to, think I'm gangsta. GOOL LORD THEY CANT SHOOT! and we were only at the 10 meter range. But I decided to humor them and naturaly had all my shots bullseye cause you could almost reach out and touch the target. They were all amazed. *sighs* people.
  12. I'm in Van Alstyne, which is north of McKinney...or south of Sherman. :wink:
  13. I'm in Dallas and in a bad hood. Come on over and we can shoot BG's out my front door!
  14. bushman98,
    I wish my dad had some land. I would be there all the time. That's what I'm dreaming of... a good buddy with enough private land because standing side by side at my range is getting old. Hot .45 shells bouncing off my left arm as I'm firing thanks to whom ever is next to me...
    You gotta luv that!
  15. That sounds like a plan to me Frickinnuts!

    Shadowlands, thats too bad. I also dont know anyone with land around here. Also getting tired of range nazis.
  16. Used to live near el paso(Land Of Illegals-Loosely translated) But now I don't ohwell.
  17. Hey, hey, hey, your hitting kind of close to home there. I'm from El Paso, and hispanic. Also translated it means "The Pass". Yes, there is alot of illigals there but they are actually doing something about it with the border blockade unlike anyone else in the whole of the border.
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    Last time I was in El Paso I was coming back from Dallas to take a job at a theater in Phoenix. Had my little Mitsubishi pickup loaded with all my worldly goods, and my scooter at the time (a new 2003 Bajaj Chetak...think Indian 4 stroke Vespa PX) and all my tools on a trailer locked to the chassis of the truck. Stopped into the local Denny's to figure out the construction so I could make the right exit, and when I came out about 10 minutes later my trailer was GONE! Along with all my tools and my bike.

    The cops said "Oh, well, that's too bad. We'll take the licence info, but it's probably in Mexico. Insurance should cover it." and left all in about 2 minutes! Now I'm not expecting a task force or anything but a REPORT would've been nice!

    I have not had one good experience in Texas and I was stuck there for nearly 2 years. Not going back (No offense to you guys...you seem like a nice lot mind you)
  19. Nothing against hispanics at all bushman. Didn't mean it to come out like that. It's the illegals that plague the lower southwest with crime and run to the border that really burns me up.
  20. That and everything else, cost of healthcare, school dropout ratios, standard of living, etc, etc, etc.

    If our politicians ever grab some sack and actually do start applying the laws two things will happen in the southwest. The population will decrease and crime will go down.

    But enough about illigals, this it a TEXAS thread, who else is in this state and want to go shooting?