Texas might not be that purple after all

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  2. The Federal 9th circus court had ruled against the Montana firearms Freedom Act in 2009ish, on the basis of the Federal Supremacy Clause, that the Fed Govt have "sole jurisdiction" upon manufacturing of firearms in the State, as it was reasonable to expect that firearms made in Montana would impact interstate commerce, and thus need to be subject to all NFA/GCA1968 laws and regulations.. However; as the Texas proposal does not refer to manufacture nor commerce but rather proposes that right to keep and bear arms has the same meaning at time of Statehood, and now, and that Texas as a State may not enforce any new Federal laws that did not exist under Texas law at the time of Statehood, this is going to be a very interesting case because we all know if these two bills passes in Texas, Doomburg and his minions are going to do a lawsuit and it'll go to SCOTUS maybe.
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  3. In my opinion this is the first step to separate your State from the District of Columbia swamp creatures. People that want liberty need to declare their States a sanctuary for the Bill of Rights. The future is to break away from this corrupt government and form a new one upholding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the future in my opinion when it gets too corrupted. There is a limited future on the United States of America I think (likely less than ten years) and I hope I am wrong with my prediction.
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  4. The linchpin is in those two Amendments, 9th and 10th. And then there's Article 1, Section 10 which says no States may form alliances, confederations, treaties.. or issue letters of marque and reprisals :rolleyes:
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    Yesterday afternoon a Fox news caster said that if some states can be sanctuary states for illegal aliens, then it should be reasonable for other states to be 2nd Amendment sanctuary states.
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    We just need to live in places where the LEOs, Mayors and Govs do not comply with these orders from a illegitimate government.

    For four years, the Commies did that to the legitimate and legal government, why cant we do the same?
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    Refusing to comply with Federal mandates which local areas believe to be wrong is as old as the U.S. Some say that the leftists "Sanctuary Cities" is a prime example. Nevertheless, the Whisky Rebellion is a good place to start but I think a better example is how most place in the North told the southern Democrats that they could take their Fugitive Slave Act and shove it where the sun don't shine.

    That said, I do find it amusing how those people who sing the praises of the Sanctuary City movement bang on about how the Second Amendment Sanctuaries movement is so very wrong because it's defying the FedGov. What's good for the goose and all...

    I also find it amusing that so many of the people who were decrying the Sanctuary City movement are now balls-to-the-wall for the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement.

    Humanity would be fine if it wasn't full of humans. :p

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Wrong or not, noncompliance is our only nonviolent way of fighting back.
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    I claim no expertise in matters of law but it seams to me that sanctuary states for illegal aliens are breaking laws that are constitutional; whereas, 2nd Amendment sanctuary states are breaking unconstitutional laws.
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    Because the media is against us, and they are all communists.
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    But yes it is very amusing. Remember, what the Left/Socialist/Commie's hold dear is OK. What us Radical Right Domestic Terrorist hold dear is not OK. Always been that way, biggest hypocrites in the history of humanity... and that's saying a lot...

    I'll say one thing, Texas is on my list for places to "evac" to if crap gets bad. Sucks because I have done a ton of work to this house thinking it was going to be my last... so the next one will need to have everything done and exactly the way I want, asking a lot but I hope it's out there.
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  12. "Sec. 23. RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime."

    This is what is in the Texas state constitution. It provides for where a state militia would get their arms.

    If the new law passes, this would be the reason it would win in a Federal court.

    The states who tried similar laws like this didn't have anything like this one the books making it much easier for a crooked judge to rule those laws invalid.
  13. Visit Austin if you think Texas isn't going to be a blue state. Kalifornians have a record of taking their communism to other states. Oregon was a decent place at one time before they migrated there. Same with Washington. There needs to be a border wall around Kalifornia. They are very dangerous people. They created the mess but don't want to live in it. Look at S. Florida in the season. Not exactly a friendly place to be. Might as well call it "South Jersey". Just sayin'....
  14. All the more reason conservatives/freedom loving Americans should consider moving to Texas or other States that are turning purple-blue. Is Austin bigger than Dallas-Fort Worth? My wife and I are looking at moving to either Texas, or Colorado in the next 5 years, based on the educational opportunities available for our deaf child. So far, Texas has one of the better deaf schools (in Austin though...) ; but Colorado has two deaf schools, one being a charter school that has a great youtube channel (Rocky Mountain Deaf School); in Denver however.. and CSDB in Colorado Springs... but Texas is also home to SouthWest Intermediate College for the Deaf.... in my research so far... pretty much 100% of the US deaf schools are in strongly Liberal cities... with most of the "top 10" being in very Liberal/Leftist States and then there's D.C. (Model Secondary School for the Deaf plus Gallaudet University).
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    Well, if it helps, the cost of living in Denver and Springs is out-f*cking-rageous and only climbing. Housing prices have doubled in the 5 years I've lived here. Fuel prices are higher than most of the country.

    I love where I live, but I'm heading to Texas. I'll be a couple of hours south west of Austin in Bandera.
  16. Housing costs here in Albany has been getting to the same level as Salem and Portland, which is a major factor in considering a move. Fuel prices here as well are now around 2.39 a gallon cheapest... vehicle reg fees are getting stupid because now the fee schedules are based on EPA estimates for 2000+ vehicles. There's also talks of imposing sales taxes and not reducing any other taxes. Companies are shutting down or moving out of Oregon.

    Edit. On the other hand... WA is stupid high, CA even moreso, AK is nice in theory but since everything has to be sent through Canada or from the seas, costs are stupid high and there's pretty much 0 deaf community there :rolleyes:

    Just from a top 5 list of Deaf schools, Texas is 5th behind both CA schools, DC, and CT.
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    We're at $2.60 where I live, $2.30's in the bigger cities. Diesel is hovering just under $3. Milk and fuel tend to cost about the same here. It's kind of funny.

    Guess for you it'll be a risk assessment to balance cost of living, quality of educational resources, and the ability to keep your firearms.
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    I'm paying $1.779/gallon for Shell regular unleaded right now.
    With my Kroger card, I get $0.10/gallon off.
    My total price is $1.679/gallon.
    In South Houston.

    I commute 200 miles each week.
    I'm getting 27.754 mpg in my 2003 Ranger 5 speed pickup.

    Helpful eldar
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    Still shouldn't matter. At this point not complying or minimizing your compliance and monkey wrenching when/where you can is our only "peaceful" option.
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  20. Austin is not as large as DFW. It is a clusterfk though. There is a reason that years ago people started putting bumper stickers on their cars that said, "Keep Austin Weird". It is. As much as San Francisco. If it exists, it is in Austin. Housing is outrageous and liberals infest the place. I used to like the place before it got over the top. I have a sister there but she is messed up too.
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