Texas people (where is winter?)

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  1. Texas people (where is winter?)

    I was mowing my lawn yesterday on the first day of December.
    By the time I was done, my shirt was soaked. I'm freakin' sweating in December! It's going to be 80 or 81 again today. I'm complaining about it being 80 for that's cool compared to what we just said goodbye to and what's returning in April.
    I don't want the kind of winters they have up north or anything. But it would be nice to wear one of my jackets eventually.

    Anyone else still doing lawn work? I've got weeds!!!
  2. Global warming is showing up in a lot of places these days. Been about the same here this winter... cold one day and warm the next. Strange but kinda nice in my opinion.

  3. Yep, my crape mirtels (sp?) have not lost all their leaves yet... so I cant trim them back.

    Global warming?!? are we finished blaming El Nino or La Nina? Good, cause they were starting to get a bad rap.
  4. Back in the 70's, God I sound so D*** old, we had much colder winters, 30 days below friezing, nasty wet snow. Glad to see it's gone, but do worry about the causes.

    Bushman98, so you own one of those rare fighting hamsters. Did you get the battle kit with the deluxe titanium super lightweight blade? I bet they have quite a temper!

    Ever see what happens to the losers?

    Can't believe I finally found a use for that photo!
  5. Bushman98,
    I hear that... the leaves have not fallen on most of the trees in my subdivision either...
    January=Fall is South Texas....
  6. Lucky B*****d's, it was 1 below zero when I got up this morning, and only 8 degrees now. I think I need to move south..............
  7. It's just as rough in Georgia. I've been cutting my grass year-round for the last few years. It's been in the '70s for the last month...and even got into the 80's a few times. It is cool at night, but once the heat tab comes up, it warms up quickly. I don't know if it's global warming, though... I just call it the South.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    This was 1979, I was out delivering newspaper bundles on December24th with a light jacket on BOTh windows open in a car lisistening to Bing Crosby sing Silent Night the tempature was 54 degrees. This was in Maine. The next day 9Christmas] we get called out for a brush fire. So yoiu tell me Where is winter?

    Dec 1 2001 in Souther Maine a Christmas Parade, Santa passed out from the heat..... it was 92 degrees So again where is winter?
  9. Drilln,
    The people here in Houston would close up shop and die if it ever got that cold. I use to live in Colorado so I've had a taste of it.
    But here in Houston, when it's the 50's they dress like Eskimos... it's funny...
    I don't want it to be that cold... just a little cold would be nice...
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    Are you new to south texas? that 2 weeks of cold front was winter! we'll prolly stay around 80s for another week then go right back to 90s. Im guessing there will be another cold front in late december.
  11. Ari

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    Winter is up here

  12. Nope... born and raised in Houston...
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    You can keep it. :)
  14. It has been very warm here in Oklahoma, we got a little rain last night, but it is finally starting to get chilly. Maybe it will work its way down to you Shadowlands :)
  15. waltham... it did rain earlier as well...
    I think it's going to be in the mid 60's tomorrow.
  16. vallen

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    Yep. That's about right for Texas. It always fluctuates, always has, always will.
  17. And just like that... Winter is gone again. It's been 83 here three days in a row. I'm about to turn on my friggin' AC for it's hot in my house...
    More of the same tomorrow... might hit 84 tomorrow...
    It's December!!!
    In a way, it's nice, but it doesn't feel like Christmas in any way. Ha!
  18. Got a few feet of snow in my yard and where the neighbor guy pushed it with his truck it's up to 6'.

    Want some winter? Sell it cheap, really!
  19. I wouldn't mind a little bit of it, but not that much.
    And hey, it's not going to be 84 today, only 80. I better get my jacket out of the closet... he he he
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    I am from Colorado and 50 is short sleeves weather. (probably a light jacket but 50 is not cold).