Texas residents-- Texas State Guard--

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by tju1973, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. I am a 6 year veteran looking to get back in uniform and enjoy a level of comraderie that I have missed for now 11 years--

    I found this and am going to the drill weekend this weekend--


    It aint the grunts, but it is a chance to make a difference..
  2. That sounds great if there was something like this in Michigan I'd join in a heart beat. Go for it and good luck.

  3. Texas also has a standing army. I am part of that . it mainly does cerominal stuff and Texas indepence day actives but it is a active army
  4. Same with South Carolina... Been in for 7years after I got disqualified on a medical from the federal service. Check it out.. www.sg.sc.gov
  5. That sounds like our Ohio Military Reserve, good organization, I think after I retire from the Ohio National Guard I'm gonna join up in the O.M.R. It's actually the states militia.
  6. Ohio has a pretty good program. I know a few SCSG members who moved down from Ohio.