Texas school shooting

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    Looks like another one.
    Still in the "zone of confusion." Few details.

    Apparently the "suspect is in custody." There are "reports of injuries" but no reports (yet) of deaths.

    Most notably, in my opinion: "some kid" with a gun pull a fire alarm in a school hallway and then run outside. When teachers and students were outside, shots were fired.

    This is becoming SOP for these SOB's.


    Peace favor your sword,
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  3. Dave4903

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    Bad situation.
    I never liked the idea of building mega high schools to serve a student population the size of small cities. Among other reasons, providing effective security measures for a place that big is extremely difficult.
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    It's too bad they did not shoot this murderer dead. I am so sick of these little punks who want their 15 minutes of shame because they want to beat someone else's murder score.
  5. AresGraphix

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    Teenagers today, for the most part, were raised in an environment lacking any empathy or moral standing. Their parents failed not only these children, but society as a whole. The degradation of the family unit, the turning away from religion, and the "it's all about me" outlook have increased the decivilization of American society. Until morals and character once again become traits to emulate instead of something to be mocked, incidents like this will continue.
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  7. OldOutlaw

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    This is exactly what has happened to this country.
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    Reports from witnesses are now saying a sawed off shotgun. Better buy your new shotgun soon. "Ban the Bird Guns" is about to start.
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    Apparently well planned according to his journal and cell phone. But no one ever suspected him of anything. No signs.

    Looks like and sounds like the police response was fast and they entered from different access points. Shooter was planning suicide, but chickened out when an officer got him. He is lucky to be alive after shooting the one officer.


    A Police monitor recording was showing on google. But, it just went "POOF" and disappeared. I got to listen to it about 5 minutes before it was taken down.
    Those officers DID NOT wait outside. They went in before all the shooting ceased. One located that Arts room and called the rest there. But, shooter gave up to him. Good job by PD!!!!
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    Due to the circumstances revealed thus far, it is possible that the shooter was making a political statement about firearms in general.

  11. OldOutlaw

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    No. I don't believe that for a second. Classmates describe him as quiet and pretty much a loner. A couple of the boys there have already told reporters that for this reason the shooter may have taken some comments too personal.
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    Oddly, due to vacation and grandkids, I found myself about 15 miles away from this incident this morning. I didnt go, its a big enough mess.

    Along those lines I have seen two things today that I have never seen before (and kinda hope I never do again)

    First one was a Predator Drone flew right over my head on final approach into Ellington AFB. About 700-1000 ft up. No armament, but a spooky sight none the less of something that you KNOW is out there but will never see.

    Second was a FBI Tactical/IC truck running full code down the freeway in town (I figure coming in from Austin)

    Been a strange day.
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    Ellington Field is a Joint Reserve Base and home of the 147th ATKW. They had 12 MQ-1 Predators stationed there and started the replacement of the MQ-1 with the MQ-9 Reaper in late 2017. The Reapers fly an assortment of missions out of Ellington.
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    Since my post, I've heard a report of a classmate who knew of the shooter say that he'd been recently bullied.

    Still no reason to shoot up anyplace.

  15. MaryB

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    Where is the respect for life in these kids? What turns them into non feeling monsters?

    Want to bet he was on ADHD or psych drugs?
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    Please give the family's at least three days to morn and bury there loved ones.
  17. "If I were the devil...."

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    Fake pipe bombs? Real pressure cooker bombs? I didn't get to hear jack squat on this as the truck I had yesterday had a shitty radio.
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    Roger Reapers..... ;)
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    Are the families reading these posts?
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