TG Laserlyte for Hi Point pistols

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  1. Haven't seen this mentioned before so I thought I'd post it. Sorry if it's old news but I was looking at the grips on Hi Point's site and saw this at the bottom of the page. Hi Point now has a TG Laserlyte available for it's pistols.

  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    That doesnt look too shabby.
  3. Alex1959

    Alex1959 Louie The Lizard Supporting Member

    It will also fit the 380, 40 & 45. :)
  4. 96753

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    on a JHP

    here's a JHP with the laser, figured why not right?

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  5. mworley1

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    Any feedback good or bad, thinking about one for my jhp 45
  6. 96753

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    i like it

    fits like it's supposed to be there, plastic case but seems like it should last. easy to install and adjust have it to POA. only the price is a bite in the wallet. haven't tested it with live rounds yet to see if it holds zero. but the feeling is if i need to point it down the hallway, center mass should be easy to find without thinking. 20-25 feet was the goal. if it misses by an inch would it matter with the JHP? i shouldn't be aiming for birds lips or anything crazy right? . . . soon as i get to test it i'll report back.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I bought the JHP45 almost 3 years ago with the laser that clamped to the rail. A PITA to turn on, and the switch sometimes worked.

    How is the TG models?
  8. 96753

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    easier i would guess

    since i haven't tried the original lipstick laser, i can't really compare the two. but both left and right index fingers can hit the button on either side easily to turn it off or on.

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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I am not sure of the brand laser, but there is one that is a TG model for the SCCY that has a metal pad when you tough it the laser is on.
  10. Papabear6714

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    I have it on my c9 and love it. Only problem is I can't use the trigger lock that came with the c9
  11. sarahsmom

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    (sigh) Another thing to add to the want list....
  12. Ive shot around 200 rounds though mine with the laser and it has held center, i like it. I also have one for my sccy with the finger activator, its held too but alittle more pricey.
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  13. 96753

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    had some range time with my JHP works fine. fired 100 rounds. hard to see in the daylight outdoors, but it's gonna be used in the house for H/D so it'll get it done.