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There are those that are so anti-HiPoint that ( and this is my firm belief, and I have no proof, but I believe ) they will take a HP and cut the slide and doctor the areas to make their intentional damage look like a brake.
We have all seen cast metal brake. We all know what it looks like. And then we are shown pictures of HP slides broken in half. With brakes that are so strait that they might just as well be hack saw or saws all cuts with roughed up edges. Or the front of the slide at the barrels end cut off. Again reportedly a break but again a brake so strait and clean that it looks like a saw cut with rough edges to make it look broken.

Some people just cant stand the idea of a good gun that cost less than 200.00 and will bash it no matter.

Have fun with your quality purchase, and I hope your officer friend has learned that price and brand do not a good product make.
A good design ( and I speak of the mechanical end, we all know that HPs are but ugly ) and a good price are what make a good product.
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