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    I'm not sure if any of the folks at Hi-Point check out these threads but I wanted to say sincerely, thank you. I'm a prior military, married father of two. My family is my whole world. While we aren't struggling financially we certainly are middle class blue collar. I have been looking for a pistol for home defense and hell even conceal carry when necessary. I had looked for years and could never pull the trigger to spend hundreds of dollars on purchasing a firearm. (See what I did there ) Finally a buddy from my unit told me about Hi-Point and personally recommended them as he has a .380. I went out the next day looking and found a JHP .45 for $189 brand new. I was elated, yet hesitant. Did I purchase a dependable weapon? Did I just waste what expendable income I had?

    Day one on the range answered all of these questions. This weapon shoots straight and is so smooth. If your worried about reliability, this is the gun for you. I have had this weapon about 6 months now and have been through over 750 rounds without issue.

    Last night, I needed my Hi-Point. While laying in bed upstairs with the wife we heard a noise at the back door. Assuming it was the dog wanting out I wandered downstairs, pistol in holster in my hand for some reason, and came face to face with someone standing in my back door with the door open. I drew my pistol and chambered a round and the would be perp sprinted out of my back yard and hopped the back wall. I didn't need to shoot thank god, and nothing much more came of the event. But if I needed it, my Hi-Point was ready, and reliability wasn't a thought in my mind.

    Not sure this post had a point, and sorry if it's the wrong forum. but I'm just an average guy that is extremely grateful and just wanted to say thank you. Thanks do making it so a vet like me raising a family could afford to protect my family.

    Thank you.

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    That looks like the California desert. I'm a vet my self and love my hi-point

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    Good deal, and welcome from another newbie. I have a JCP, and I know it shoots and I got a pretty good group when I had it at the range one time. I got a little Cobra 32 that I keep in my recliner, the JCP I want int the truck, and I want to find a 9mm for the bedroom. And I need a carry too! So many gun, so little money. Glad you scare him off, but now he knows you have guns, hope he doesn't want them in the future sometime.
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    Great posts. As home invasions were on a rise in my town, and my budget is very tight, a Hi Point was my first firearm too. i started with the C9 and I still have it and carry it, and bought the 40 earlier this year to serve as a home defense weapon.

    One thing about Hi the budget dictates, they multiple :D
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    Welcome to the forum Calvert!
  6. Great post and outcome to a scary incident at your home. Welcome to the forum and I'm glad your Hi Point was able to provide you with affordable and reliable protection from the scum that slither around this Earth.
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    I'm glad you were able to protect yourself and family with a gun that you knew would go bang when you needed it to.
  8. Glad you and your family are ok. I know I feel better having my C9 bedside. I haven't had a reason to carry or travel with my Hi-Point - yet, thank God. My wife and I are working class people, and my only option price wise for a new handgun was either a Cobra FS380, Phoenix HP22 or Hi-Point. I chose the C9 because of warranty and I prefer the 9mm for the added power. I love my C9 - 392 rounds of fmj fired for 3 double-feed and 3 fail-to-feed minor hiccups. As a side note, check out Freedom Munitions for ammo - I'm buying a box tomorrow, good prices and quality ammo. Happy shooting! :)
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    Welcome to the forum, and glad to hear that no harm was done to you or your family. I used to have a higher income, but the last few years have been a real grind. I'd like to get a C9 to go with my JHP 45. It's something I can do even with my current situation.
  10. Thank you for you service to this county and welcome to the site!
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    I think there is a point, that is your family is protected and your money is too.

    Many would like to say that protecting our families has no price tag, yet practically many families do not have the luxury of spending premium dollars on a firearm.

    I wonder what home break-in stats would look like if every home had a Hi-Point?
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    Good story. Some still like to bash our High Points, but I'll bet that guy by your door didn't think, "Oh, thats a High Point, it probably won't go off." Every single High Point I own (6) is dependable. I compare my High Points (I have more expensive ones that don't perform any better) to a Ford or Chevy. Ths HP snobs like to drive Cadillacs (Glocks, etc) while I drive my Chevy. My Chevy gets me from point A to B just as well as the guys Cadillac and I have money to spend when I get there.
    Anyway, I'd like to know how many of the bashers actually have owned a High Point. Oh, and by the way my Glock 17 was a lemon!

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Chamber ahead of time. The nice thing is you can't fire it with a chambered round unless there is a mag in there. When I carried my JHP45 to work I kept the gun in my trunk, round in the chamber, mag in my pocket.
  14. Dagwood

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    Welcome to hpff, and thank you for your service. hp's are great guns. Reliable and great warranty as well. I don't have an hp handgun, but I love my carbines! I'm glad your story had a good ending and your family is safe.
  15. wganz

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    A word of advice from someone that's BTDT in a home invasion/self defense shooting. Do not ever rely on 'racking the slide' to scare off the Bad Guy(BG). Today's BG now take that as fear on part of the homeowner as that they're more scared of the legal system than they are of them and they will rush you in an effort to take your weapon away.

    Take it from me since I learned the hard way.
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    Words well spoken, to those who are afraid to keep one in the chamber!!!

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    One thing I hear stupid people say is about racking a round into the shotgun sound blah-blah-blah. Two things.....

    1. Do you really have time to chamber a round and point?

    2. Is there a 100% chance you're not going to have a jam?

    I don't really like the idea of having to fumble for the safety. Must be why I carry a Glock.
  18. 6strings

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    You made a wise choice on buying a Hi-point no matter what anyone else tells ya !! My very first pistol purchase was the JCP .40 , and then i bought another mag and t-shirt from mom , then i got the Dave Mayhan rear sight improvement (I highly recommend it ) , Frog lubed it and now im thinking about doing the rustoleum grip enhancement ,,, other than that i have been a very satisfied customer of Hi-point !! I do want to get the matching carbine when i can afford it and then maybe start collecting the 9 mm also , lol !!
  19. sdbrit68

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    Havent said much, as I pick up my new Hi point tomorrow, so, I am still in sit down shut and listen to the veterans of these weapons phase.

    My shotgun has a chambered round, safety on. I have had jams, it can be a ***** to clear quick at my level, worst case scenario, I get off at least 1 clean shot for sure.

    I have also heard the tactical guys say that racking the weapon to scare people, someone high as a kite, they just get intrigued by the sound and come looking for it

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    sdbrit68 get JHP's and regular FMJ's for your first trip to the range. Make sure they both feed.

    .45 or 9?

    Your shotgun is best for home defense.