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  1. Not trying to suck up or anything, but I thought I'd just say thank you to the folks who make this forum available to all the rest of us.
    You don't have to let any of us use this forum, but you trust us enough to be able to discuss things properly and not abuse the system. Some of us have VERY different political views on many subjects, and it shows through sometimes in the worst of ways (i.e. the past week here)
    but we really do try to come together on the issues we do agree on.
    If it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't haven't anywhere to post.
    Thank you guys. I've got nothing but respect for ya.
  2. Finally someone says "Thank you!" :wink:

    You're more than welcome bro, each and everyone of our members deserve this place and all we're trying to do is make it better. It's like pruning an Apple tree. You aren't going to get good apples unless you cut off the dead limbs and stuff that suck life out of the tree. That's kinda what we've done here.

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    Nothing but family here, I have been working 12 & 16 hour days and the one thing I want to do once I get home (Or a Hot Spot for my Lap Top) is see everyone here at the forum. Bumps in the road happen, friends don't let it bother them for long.
  4. We've had supports all along. Have you forgotton Uraijit and his one man support? It's a rough time, but we'll make it through like we have in the past. Love this place too much to give up and say "screw you, im goin home"
  5. As busy as I am these days, this is the ONE site I check first, last, and the most. Keep it up guys.
  6. Yeah, this site stays open on my computer all day. I love it here and think that you guys do an awesome job :D
  7. I really do appreciate the support guys, thanks for that. All of us Mods/Admins volunteer our time to help out the forum.. this is our home too.

    I think a thanks should go out to all the members we have that have contributed to making this the best place on the net. To all of you guys, and gals of course, thanks.
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    I should be sleeping but I am here :wink:
  9. +1 to all the above comments.
  10. Great forum. Thanxs. We've all been on other firearm forums so you know what I mean.
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    I think we as members should do our part.If we're gonna talk brotherhood we should walk brotherhood.If it means biting our tongues or letting some percieved insult slide then so be it.I personally dont lik some of the christian bashing I've seen here but I dont retaliate in kind.This place is a treasure and I for one will try to act accordingly.Peace homies! :D
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    I may jump into the fray when arguments are going on, (and on rare occasion may not agree with some of the things that go on but hey...who can bat 1000 when you're dealing with such a big site!), but I'm very appreciative of you guys as well :) keep up the good work!