thanking about buying any tips

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    im thinking about buy a hi point for personal protection is this a reliable firearm or will this gun put me in a bad spot
  2. First off, sorry if you're legit but my troll detector's going off. Second off, with the exception of the C-9 (which sometimes has issues), the other HP's are 100% reliable as far as I know. The carbines are especially so; the 4095 was my first defense gun, and it's still a go-to weapon for me (I trust it with the red dot and tac light more than my GLOCK 27 with night sights). If you're talking about concealed carry, they'll get the job done, but I'd prefer something a little smaller (thus the GLOCK).

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    C9's are notorious for having nose-up jams... this is remedied by tweaking the mag lips... other than that, "put the booger hook on the bang switch, and pull it." and enjoy. :)
  4. Indeed it is reliable for personal protection. Everything (I imagine) you could ever want to know about the HiPoint is here. I have two of them (the 9mm and the .45) that i use for personal protection. The .45 is the house gun the 9mm is the car gun, sometimes CC depending on the weather.
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    im just worried about the price as the saying goes you pay for what you get but im cheep i have a taurus model 66 is it is a 357 7 shot it is to b ig to carry and $50 every time i shoot it im looking for a good cheap and cheap to shoot i saw them in the shooters bible for that price im going to give the 9mm a shoot
  6. It is true that you get what you pay for. If you buy a Mercedes Royce, you pay a lot of money with a car that has lots of luxury and bells and whistles and you get the prestige of other people seeing you drive around with the cool merceded emblem on your hood.

    On the other hand, if you buy a basic Ford Ranger for a lot less, you get a well built truck that if taken care, its going to last a long time, and get you from point A to point B in comfort and safety.

    Guns are the same way. With some brands you are buying prestige and status as much as you are buying the gun.

    The truth is that HiPoints are manufactured to quality specifications, from quality materials, and have to pass performance tests before they are marketed to the public. So with a HiPoint you do get what you pay for. A well-built and affordably priced firearm that will serve your needs, whether they be plinking or personal protection.
  7. i have the c9, i've never had a problem with right out the box. no tweaking the mags or anything. after shooting my c9 a couple of times, a friend of mine got one and he has also never had a problem
  8. My C9 was pretty good then I ran into a few problems and followed the advice on this board.
    After a few tweaks and with more use it has become very reliable, I now have thousands of rounds through it and have had no issues for a long time. It really is pretty accurate too.

    I have a regular carry gun but it's pricey especially with some of the custom work I've had done.
    When I go places where I can't carry indoors the C9 is with me and it will stay in my car and around my neighborhood I sometimes carry the c9, occasionally I carry it elsewhere also.
    I even carry it sometimes when I go to Philly as the City and PD are anti carry for the most part and I don't want to have a custom gun confiscated to never be seen again
  9. Apologies too. There's no more problems you've read about on this board than the XD board, the M&P board, the Kel-Tec board........ and so on.

    I've close to 2000 rnds thru my 9 and my 40 with not one issue. Well...... there was that ear plug thing, but that was my fault.

    So - HP's are good guns and great values - I own 4 as many do here and I'd have no issues buying another if the mood hit.

    And if anything does go wrong...... this is the place you need to be.

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    I carry my C9 for work [armed security] and I never have had a major problem with it. I plan on carrying it for CCW when it comes in.
  11. I have the C9 and JHP 45. Had to tweak the lips on the C9 magazines. and have not had a problem since. The 45 has been flawless. I do trust both to go bang as and when needed. Backed by the support of this fine forum and a great company that stands behind their products second to none.