thanks benny

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  1. thanks Benny,

    Milsurpstuff is as good as it gets. they give you what you ask for and it is there so fast. have ordered twice from them and it is so fast it isnt funny. I got what I ordered and it was in perfect shape. You are the best place I have ever bought from on line, thanks.

  2. Benny is great. When i get my AK, I will be ordering a bunch from him, plus you cant beat the forum discount.

  3. Thanks for the info, I had never come across that site yet!
  4. Does benny have a sticky around here somewhere? Since he is a forum member and gives discounts to fellow forum members, it would be a good one to have, thats for sure.
  5. Benny has his site listed in the Links section of the forum.

    And... he runs a top notch business.