Thanks for Paying Your Taxes!

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  1. I am going to Colorado Springs on the 15th for a month to attend a space course at the NSSI on Peterson AFB this month, and have to stay off base due to the hotel on base being booked up. Because of that, I get to chill at a studio room at the TownePlace Suites for a month on the government dime while earning all the rewards points.

    TDY life is goooood. :p
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    Thank a Liberal for paying taxes..:D
    You're welcome...;)
    What's a space course?

    This looks like fun:


    Or is it?

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    I wonder if it is anything like attending the Ballistic Missile Staff Course out of Vandenberg AFB in Kalifornia...? TDY, that is. The courses are obviously different.

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    Do the wife and baby get to make the trip? I think I remember a job she had, or wanted?
  5. I wonder why the gov didn't double up on your training? Instead of getting you the room, they could have just hand you: a pocket knife, 10 ft. of twine and a copy of Ragnor Benson's book on urban survival.

    You can feel free to turn this in as a cost cutting idea, but IMO I'd think it best to do that a few days before you retire.

    Seriously now. Is your wife and child coming along?
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    See, now if I had gotten the house we originally wanted, I would have been out there by now and the youngster could have had a hot gourmet meal or two at no cost. Could have also gotten some range time in on an HP or two.

    Could have also shown him what having too many kids so close together can do to you.
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    Fixed it for you. :D
  8. It's a 27 day TDY; they don't pay for dependents to go with unless it's going to be for a year or more. It used to be six months, but they extended it. Though it still wouldn't make much sense; she'd be alone in the hotel with the baby with no transportation in an unfamiliar area for eight hours a day five days a week.
    She's actually going to Italy while I'm gone to be with her Mom and Aunt so they can help with the baby.

    As for the course, it's Space 200:
  9. damn, If the recruiter told me about space camp in high school I would have been signed up pre 18
  10. Well, the instructor actually is an astronaut, so yeah, I'd have been right there with you lol.
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    This place didn't exist when the recruiters were hard-selling me back in '85. :(

    Peace favor your sword,
  12. Wait, Do they have to pay taxes on Unemployment?
  13. I didn't exist either, but look at us now! :p
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    Yes, it is considered income.
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    I aced the Navy Nuclear Test back in 81 and all they had to sell was the submarines... as in 300 sailors submerge, 150 couples come back up! :eek: They did not even tell me that nuclear operators were making over $100K in the eighties. P!$$ Poor Recruiters.
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    Really poor...they have had a nuke aircraft carrier since the '60's.:p
  17. Forgot to mention.
    When I joined in '06, I worked with a few SNCOs who joined around that time that got into the NRO almost immediately, so you could have done that. The NRO was still classified at the time, but it was doable.
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    The recruiter wasn't trained very well, I guess. From the beginning he was working me like a bullet catcher. Wasn't until after he saw my ASVAB scores that he tried to work the braniac angle. But he didn't do that very well at all. I wanted to be a tech professional and I guess he had no idea what that was or what sort of offerings might coincide.

    Ah well, it was ~85-86 so I guess I can't blame him. He was probably still using a typewriter. <shrug>

    Peace favor your sword,
  19. Back then, did they do what they did for me? They gave me basically a giant book that had all the AFSCs in it I qualified for (which was all of them in my case) and their descriptions, then they had me put down my top seven choices and submit it to the MEPS office. Then I had a year to wait before they removed me from the Delayed Enlistment Program. Whenever one of my choices dropped, they'd call me and say, "There's an opening, wanna take it?" I turned down two jobs before I took this one; the first was Supply, which I put down simply because I needed a seventh one to pad the list, the second was Comms because while I was interested somewhat in it when I put it down, I talked to some Comms guys and got completely turned off of it. Then SIGINT dropped and I was about two months out from being removed from DEP and I figured, "Sure, why not?" My top jobs never got dropped; aircraft metals, aerial gunner, aerial refueling, and aircraft structural. Which sucks, because the bonus for aircraft metals right now is like $70,000.
    The recruiter didn't really have to hard press, nor did he even bother trying to put me in a particular job; they all pretty much said, "Tell me what you want, here's a list, I'll send your list up and see what happens."