Thanks Pitt and Sooners!

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  1. Number One AND two lose tonight!

    Ohio State will be going to the BCS National Championship game!
    Should go in as #1 again!


  2. Mumbles

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    Sooner fans say "your welcome". In my humble opinion, there is no #1 this year. Just proof that "any given Saturday...."

  3. Im not a football fan, and honestly can care less about the Sooners even though I am from Oklahoma, but this statement from the New York Times college football online site:

    "The conference title is Oklahoma’s fifth since 2002"

    tells me that they must be a fairly decent team, even if they do have the occasional bad day.
  4. As a PSU fan, but no one's "fanatic", until there's a playoff system I can't get excited about who's #1. It's amazing to me there's still no playoff system - with the hype potential and money involved..... good golly.
  5. waltham,
    What happened to mizzou? Oklahoma was all over the place. Goodness.
    I still liked the Colorado-Nebraska game a week or two ago...
    What a score?!

    exactly! too many number 1's this season. ups & downs. it's been a weird season for college football...

    for example, I'm a Colorado fan. They sucked this year, but they did defeat Oklahoma... go figure....
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    +1 for Ohio State, Good luck Bukeyes, I played for Coach Tressel at Youngstown State in 1AA 1991-1995 8) .
  7. pills

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    amazing that you can move up 4 spots by not playing for two weeks.


    If Bradford doesnt get a concussion in the opening drive at Texas Tech we arent having this discussion.

  8. Like I said, I am not a football fan really, but one thing I like about college ball over pro is that they are hungry and get out there and play their butts off.

    The pro guys are afraid to get hurt and end their careers it has always seemed to me.

    The last time I was into football was when Bob Griese was with the Dolphins and they were rivals to the Cowboys LOL
  9. waltham,
    plus the college players will bust azz without asking for 65 million up front....
  10. panoz77

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    If, if, if. Every team that lost in the No. 1 spot has an if. That's the BCS, IF 1A adopts the playoff system like 1AA, then and only then will you get a true No. 1.
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    That's so they can ask for 100 mill after the draft. LOL :lol:
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    I agree with the playoff system but how do you reward a team from #5 to #1 with them sitting @ home playing playstation?
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    Because they were not 5 they were No. 3 and 1 and 2 lost. Strength of schedule automatically put No. 3 to No. 1. Very simple.
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    they were #5 two weeks ago. They have not played in 3. They went from #5 to #3 without playing. Then #3 to #1 without playing.
  15. True, but they do get nice perks.

    It has always killed me, some guy that may cure cancer some day is a nobody at college, and a guy that reads at a 8th grade level is the school heroe because he can throw a ball.

    It makes me wonder about our society in general :shock:
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    Wow, I can't believe I have to explain further, Ohio State No. 5, No. 4 and 3 lost, making them number 3, then 1 and 2 lost making them number 1. Just because they finish their schedule earlier then the rest makes no difference, it all comes down to ratings and strength of schedule if no ranked undefeated teams are left.
  17. pills

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    strength of schedule? Who did they play that was even ranked?

    Could be worse. They could have lost their last HOME game to an unranked team and still get in.

    I have said for quite some time I think KU would beat OU. Kinda a good thing that #2 Mizzou beat #1 KU.

    What was ILL ranked when they the beat OSU @ HOME? Give em credit they came back the next week and beat Mich. Oh wait it was Mich who lost to Appalachian State Veterinary clinic. :p
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    Amen. In highschool it is even worse. Sadistic Jerks who's can put on plastic armour are given hero status and when they slam you into the wall just for fun teachers look the other way so they can play in the next football game. I hate Sports Culture. Honestly I have never met a football player that I liked. Every single one has been a total jerk.
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    guess you guys had to get lucky somehow...nothing like getting a national title shot because someone else lost. I think this year's national title is kind of moot being that the two teams both lost as the number 1 team (LSU twice!)