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  1. I wrote a post yesterday about getting a new 995 at a Gun Show Saturday. I was having terrible problems loading the mag. I was able to read the first two responses about the Mag Tool (which I ordered at the link you gave me. I also received the response about the UpLula which looks great! I will also be getting one of those when I get the money. I saw in my email that I had a third response but when I tried to view that, the website was already down. Thank you to those of you that responded. I am looking forward to easier mag loading, especially since I have bad arthritis in my fingers due to old sports injuries. Sorry I did not get the third response. It is a shame that all the old posts could not have been transferred over because there was a wealth of great info in there.
  2. Mine took a long time to break in, the springs were very stiff. I'm sure it's tough with arthritic fingers, but try loading a few rounds in, the shoot, as the mag wears in you'll be able to get more and more rounds loaded until you can finally use the mag's full capacity.

    In short, get thee to the range!

    Hope this helps.


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    Also once you are done shooting and get home load the mags and keep em loaded and the springs will loosen up in time
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    +1 on keeping your mags loaded at home.
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    +2 to all of the above. Load 'em at the range, load 'em at home.