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  1. When you go in to get a quote for a new tire and end up having to get your car towed.

    Our Honda needed a jump yesterday, which itself wasn't so unusual, it doesn't get driven much, but as soon as I rolled it into the tire place, it died right then and there. Had them toss in a new battery; nothin'. The accessories (lights, instrument cluster, radio, etc.) all work, but the engine won't even try, which screams starter. So I had to call USAA and get it towed from the tire place to our regular dealer down near the base so they can troubleshoot it; I got a warranty through them on 50/50 parts cost and free labor, so it should save me some money.

    Happy Tuesday! :p
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    I went barefoot into a giant pile of pitbull puke at 4:45am on my way to give the baby her pacifier in hopes she'd sleep another hour. Too late.

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    When her legs tighten across your back and,

    her eyes roll back in her head and...



    I thought we were in the Dark Pages...

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    How Tire Tuesday turned into Taco Tuesday...thanks Eldar :rolleyes:
  5. Then she realized who she was with wasn't who she was thinking about. ..
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    Back to Tire Tuesday:

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    NE Utah
    And THAT'S why we use cages to fill and seat those tires.:rolleyes:
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    Years ago worked at a truck stop part time while in college. A friend was killed when a truck tire exploded in a cage, but it was'nt bolted to the floor. The cage hit his head with such force it caved in the top of his skull. A truly awful accident.
    He was a very good person. Tragedy can come in the most unexpected ways.
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    Fixed it for you.... :p
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    Back near the middle of the last Century, when I was not quite nine years old, I remember using compressed air at the gas station (Jones Oil and Gas) to inflate my newly repaired 3-speed bicycle tire ~ it was free air, back then, when after listening to the hissing of the air as it inflated the tire for a really, Really, REALLY long time the tire suddenly EXPLODED throwing me back on my tookus and wrapping what was left of the tire and spokes and rim around the nearest gas pump barely missing Mr. Jones, owner and operator of Jones Oil and Gas!!!

    I was deafened by both the Blast and the Yelling from all the folk who were standing around watching me ignite Immagettingouttahere with the air pump.

    Fortunately, no one was seriously injured! And, the pump only suffered minor scratching.

    But, my bicycle definitely need a new wheel, tube and tire.

    And, I learned how to look to see how much air pressure a tire can hold and to properly use a tire gauge.

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    Try stepping in cat puke on the steps... in the dark... ugh :eeksign:

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    I got to watch that in person, moron at the co-op was filling one outside the cage, I poked the other guy to get him to say something when it let go and bent the crap out of the overhead door and broke his arm.

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    don't really have to worry about it that dog i mentioned would just eat the puke. I wish he'd get around to eating the cat.
  14. Huh..... I thought bicycle tires were solid rubber when Moses taught you to ride. ....
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    I had a that moment when moment just earlier this morning....

    my wife actually said "don't you have enough ammo" :confused:

    I didn't understand the question LOL
  16. Sieze the day my friend. Freedom munitions is running free shipping on veterans day through the 13th
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    That was true back when I was three years old.


  18. I remember when I was around ten years old someone almost hitting me with a motorcycle. I was riding my pedal locomotion bike on the sidewalk and saw him drive right by me missing by a few feet. He was going at least twenty miles per hour. He laid his bike down in someone's front yard and hit the ground. I still remember his speedometer glass shattering all over as his bike fell to the ground.
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    I heard you was in charge of the switch, when the Lord said "Let their be light."
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    I got another free $10 from Field & Stream in the mail.

    They have some range 9mm for about $12...usually Winchester or Remington. So I figure a box of ammo for $2.

    Or I could always grab more .22 as they always have some. Either small boxes for $3 or or $4 or a bigger box for $10.

    PLUS, I got another coupon for 150 points with any purchase. Combined with the one I just used, that puts me over 300, which i can redeem for another $10. I think THAT can't be used on ammo though, if I remember correctly