That Taiwanese Internet Shop?

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    Mainly with flashlights, pay-pal-able, most things sent free of charge... It was posted on the old forum before it got lost. Anyone still have the url?

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    Not really sure... but they seem to be what I asked for :) Thanks
  3. thats the one. I've bought from them as have a few other people. I had a few issues out of a couple of my products from them but nothing I couldn't fix quickly and for next to nothing. The flashlight had an issue of not getting ground, I bent a paperclip to go inside the tailcap to fix it, works fine now. The remote switch I ordered is a bin finicky and the wires broke inside. I just took it apart and resoldered it and shored it up with goop.

    I ordered a couple of flashlight holders from them. Not sure if they still carry them but they are designed to perfectly fit say a surefire G2. They're simple, lightweight, and have held up admirably. I carry it daily. It has a closed belt loop, snap closure belt loop, velcro retention top for the flashlight, and a little piece that goes over that with a snap so theres no way its coming out!
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