Thay's torture test #1

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    Well after removing the c-9 from the freezer first thoughts were:

    This thing will never work. I done f'ed up this time.

    After getting to the range first thoughts were:

    dang it were are my gloves. Crap the slide won't open.

    WTF I can't chamber a round.

    OK. My hand will heal And I have medical insurance.

    See the freezer pics.

    Well I had to work the slide for about 5 min just to get it to open. THEN i DID the bang it out on the table method to romove ice from inside.

    Check the barrel and it was clear. The pistol would not drop the hammer.

    Wokred it some more. Hamer dropped.

    SHot the first round after forcing the slide forward.

    Second round had to force the slide forward again.

    third round. Did not load. Removed mag insert mag.

    Fired flawlessly. Round had stayed in mag. I think I hit the mag release button. My hands felt like popsicles so I think I am excused they were quit numb.

    Fired 50 rds wwb

    At home cleaning was a sinch. WD 40 and the coveted air compressor worked like a charm.

    I wass very scared attemting this. Metal shrinks when cold right?
    Well I was vissualizing the round getting caught in the barrel and Kabooming.

    It did not.

    Considering the type of firearm and cost I am extremely surprised I had no real problems.

    Did not function like aGlock or an XD, But it is not either is it.
    For 150ish $ it did very well.

    Also still looks good as new, To lazy to take more pics but it cleaned up nice.
  2. Glad to hear that both you and the pistol are still alive and kicking :D

  3. andrew241

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    Still kickin, thats good news.
  4. Cool test, report and pics. Thanks.
  5. Thayldt21

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    Turns out I lied, It does not look as new. :eek:

    The side of the slide has some small dents in it made by the Gerber Multi-tool.

    Not bad just did not notice them ealier.

    I'll get some pics eventualy of them. They are small but there. I was beaten the ice off so I could rack the slide. :evil:

    Any way all went well.

    And no I did not advertise at the range I was using a Questionable firearm that I just froze for a week :p

    I am more than sure the safty officers would have booted me off the range. Hell I would have 8)
  6. Dirty job someone has to do.Better yours than mine.
    In our house it may end up in the oven,and served with sour crout.
  7. Great test Thay. Next time I would recommend not freezing it in water, just put it in the freezer and let it get cold. Putting water on it allowed ice to form inside the weapon, thus the problems that you had. On all of the torture tests that I have read in magazines and on the net, nobody ever put them in a block of ice, they just got the metal as cold as possible before they shot it, just to test function.

    Howver, you went a step further, and did a great job BTW. Thanks for the review.
  8. Saw a Walther P99 torture test where they froze the front end of the gun in a block of ice similar to Thay's experiment however they did it loaded and after it had frozen all they did was pull the trigger and....snow cones for everyone :D
    It was a sight to see the ice go everywhere, but that P99 kept on kicking!
  9. ab4ka

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    Do the mud test next!

    I read a test of 1911's where they soaked them in mud and shot them, also shot them underwater. That would be fun!
  10. Ari

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    The xd9 they froze for a week

  11. Wow, thanks Ari. I've never seen that one before. Interesting stuff.
  12. You're running out of things to do to that thing aren't you, Thay? :wink:

    That's impressive I must say. I wouldn't have been brave enough to freeze it the way u did. I'm surpised the polymer frame didn't become brittel and shatter.
  13. Thayldt21

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    I was affraid the Zamack ( spelling) would get brittle and blow up.

    But I couldnt wuss out after running my mouth.

    Polymer was fine even while I smacked it on the table. Just really cold and hard to hold. Left my gloves in the truck, took the car to the range.
  14. I wouldn't have feared that tyoo much about the ZAMAK. It's used too much in automotive applications to be that brittle at low temperatures. :)
  15. elguapo

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    Now THAT is a good "torture" session....

    Next up, bury that pistol in a bucket of sand, let it sit...heck,make it interesting, pour water in it so much it is soup/mud...then take it out.

  16. A good simple test would be to not clean the weapon and keep track of how many rounds you put through it.

    That would be more real world, most of us dont freeze our weapons or if we drop them in a mudhole we at least rinse them off with water first :wink:
  17. Thayldt21

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    Good point will do or rather not do in the future. however this was aeery clean gun to start and with ice and only 50 rds it didn;t look that bad.

    Till next time.
  18. Looking forward to your next report :)
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    That would be a good test.....

    1 million rounds without cleaning and it still fires everytime!