Dynamic Pie Concepts this week unveiled what they term to be the Ultimate Hi Point. If their release can be believed, the gun has many things going for it, including top-quality reflex sight optics, a lightened slide, trigger package, and other options. After all, it has to be nice, as they have an MSRP of over $4K on it.

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DPC bill themselves as "Industry leaders in tactical inner and outer global critical dynamic threat scenarios. We also enjoy pie." Until this Hi Point venture, they primarily are best known for having a hilarious YouTube and Instagram account as well as pushing some pretty swag T-shirts and morale patches.

According to DPC, their Hi-Point build has:

"Some of the actionable upgrades included lightening the slide- facilitating the mounting of optical target acquisition systems- polished trigger surfaces- and the barrel impregnated with our proprietary unobtainum coating. This patent pending process creates sub MOA accuracy and with Assailant's trigger package a 0.8 pound trigger with 1 millimeter of travel is achieved.

After receiving satisfactory reports, the weapon system was prioritized and submitted for field trials. Immediate effects were a swift asymmetric advantage achieving precision effects leading to total force construct domination."

The video shows much chopping, grinding, painting, coating, and so forth on what appears to be a standard Hi Point 9 (MKS) C9 pistol. The result is a pretty interesting gold barreled Hi Point with a lightened slide and installed optics. The gun is then put through its paces by USPSA Grandmaster and National Production Champion Ben Stoeger and USPSA Grandmaster and US Special Forces Veteran Frank Proctor.

(Warning on the otherwise very entertaining video, there is at least one F-bomb early on, so if watching at work, you may want to be lug those headphones in!)

Myth or reality?

Well, about that. I suspect that this video is a tongue-in-cheek jab at a group called Salient Arms International (get it, DPC went to "Assailant Arms"). SAI takes otherwise stock M1911 and Glock platforms (among others) and makes super-optimized race-gun tactical versions of them for those who have to spend $2K+ on a single firearm. Their guns have been showcased by the likes of Magpul's Chris Costa and the NRA's Colin Noir. These guns are known to be great shooters, if you can afford them.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Recreation

Note the gold barrel, slide cutouts, etc. Look familiar to the gun above? (Photo by SAI)

Noir recently posted this video on his YouTube page about his own Tier 1 Glock 19 by SAI entitled "The $2500 Glock"

So with the two videos compared, the DPC Hi Point vs the SAI Glock, it may be safe to say that the DPC video may be a parody in the style of the Duffleblog or the Onion. An April Fools of sorts on the gun community with Hi Point as the punchline.

However, there are a few interesting take-aways from the video, even if it is satire.

The C9 series (as well as all Hi Point pistols) uses a locked-breech blowback action (such as in the Walther PPK or Makarov). A recoil-operated pistol (such as a Glock or SIG P-series) has a barrel that pivots or swivels or moves to some extent when fired, whereas a blowback-operated pistol has the barrel permanently locked to the frame and doesn't move.

Blowback action is normally reserved for lower powered cartridges as the action uses the weight of the slide to retard (slow) the action before the spring forces it back into battery. The more stout the cartridge, the heavier the slide needs to be. Hence, in a 9mm or 45ACP chambered locked-breech blowback pistol, you need a massively heavy slide.

Lightening the slide such as DPC has done in the video shows that the gun can still perform with a margin of weight removed.

Further, the optics mounted are novel. During the shooting portions of the video, the much-modded C9 had a $700 Aimpoint Micro T-1 onboard and at the end the static gun had an EoTech reflex sight. While honestly I have never seen a Hi Point with one installed, this video, even if tongue-in-cheek, shows a proof of concept anyway.

One other thing about the video that I think is telling is that the gun showed great accuracy. Of course, there may have been editing involved so you can't be sure, but another inherent bonus of the Hi-Point pistol is the locked barrel makes the gun extremely accurate, as most owners of one will tell you. She isn't pretty but she sure can cook.

Now of course, some of these mods, especially grinding on the slide may void Mom's warranty, so keep that in mind.

Call it myth, reality, joking around, whatever, the video is still funny and does show a Hi Point doing what it does best-- making little holes in paper every time.