The Atkins Diet

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  1. I think the fad from a few years ago that was known as Atkins is a reminder of what the survivalists have known for thousands of years. The body can live off of protein and fat.

    Pemmican (jerked meat ground and combined with fat) is an excellent survival food. Drying meat is not a difficult process and long as you keep your meat thin (1/4 inch or less), and dry it in the sun or near a fire for 2-3 days.

    When making a kill for food, it is important that you strip the carcass of its body fat and keep the fat. Whether it be deer, elk, cow, bison or moose you can simmer and drain off the impurities which leaves you with tallow when cooled. Pig, bear, or coon fats are too soft and result in lard.

    Grind your dried meat into a powder and mix it with your cooled tallow (not solidified but not hot either) Mixing with hot tallow will result in cooking the meat which will spoil it quickly and poison you. Coat the meat with the tallow. The result is Pemmican. A high protein, fatty food which can sustain the body for a long time. As long as you keep this dry, it will be preserved practically forever.
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    While true, you can live off protein and fat (and as someone who spends much of his time consuming tasty animals, I can attest to this fact), I still think that you can't replace the lowly grain. It's easy to store in many cases(dried pasta: Best. Invention. Ever), versatile, and great for a source of quick energy. Yeah, a granola bar isn't as tasty as beef or buffalo jerky, but it helps burn the fat when you're on the move.

    Great. Now I want jerky....

  3. While that is all fine and dandy (I do agree as I ordered 125lbs of grains today), in a true survival situation, processed grains are most likely not going to be an option. Meat is much easier to come by in most locations. If you have the opportunity to store grains, you are certainly wise to do so.

    Many native americans mixed in nuts and dried fruits to the pemmican for more nutrition.
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    I seem to remember a condition caused by only eating protein for extended periods of time, can't remember the name though.
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    The Atkins Diet is good for a short term. South Beach is similar but has a better balance. In a true survival situation meat is often better and safer than relying on grains. Most folks cannot identify wild plants accurately and can get very sick. For my family, we have a mix of whole grains (cheap and easy to store) and a good variety of meats and vegetables.
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    I worry that too many people are counting on hunting in a SHTF scenario. If there were an event that caused everyone to be out of food, everyone without the foresight to have saved food is going to try to be "living off the land". I suppose in some places this is fine, because population density is low, but in a lot of the country, this means that 200,000 people are going to try to hunt at once.

    Even if there was enough wildlife to support this, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be anywhere these kind of people.

    It's a good reminder that you can survive on just meat for a while, but don't count on being able to find any.

    (That said, my hipoints will be used to defend my chickens. Poach eggs at extreme risk)
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    At first I imagine looting would be the order of the day. Wal-Mart shelves would be emtied and I imagine the weaker of the species will likely start killing each other off in fights over this food.

    Dare I say, bags of vacuum sealed seeds in a survival pack? You could carry a huge amount of these in a small space and use them eventually when the time is right. Legumes would be a great source of protein from the wide world of flora.