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I'm blessed to live within a half-hour drive of some really top-notch gun stores. One of my favorites is a place called Kames. Kames stocks not only really great sporting firearms, but all the latest black rifle goodies.

The back wall of the gun department is sort of the showpiece of the place and it's fun just to go in there to see the latest and greatest all in one spot (they're also very friendly about letting you handle guns that they know you'll never be able to afford).

So, knowing how snobbish some gunshops can be, imagine my grin when there in the middle of the rack with all the high-dollar ARs, tricked-out AKs, FNs, FALs, and AUGs, was a Hi-Point 995 standing proudly waiting to be called into service.

Made my day.


Glad to see the stores are not as hard on hi point as most other gun forums are. I have yet to see a 995 or 4095 around here. If it weren't for a catalog from a vendor at work, and my company having a ffl licence, i wouldn't have my 995 on order now :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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