the bet, part 2

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Krippp, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Krippp

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    well the results are in: 300rounds through the c9, no glitches whatsoever
    197 rounds through the glock and she failed on 198

    the result of the bet is that i now have a brand new tasco sight for my son's new mossberg .22, i would have lost 10 ammo cans(military .50 cal.)
  2. LOL! Good Deal! But it's good you had confidence in your weapon cause 10 cans for a tasco sight isnt an even bet, atleast to me!

  3. good going. what kind of ammo was being fed to each gun?
  4. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

  5. That and you probably sold your friend on the quality and reliability of the Hi-Point firearms. Way to go Krippp! That's great stuff! Let us know when he goes out and buys a Hi-Point.
  6. Good show old boy!
  7. Another victory over the dark side! Well done my friend.
  8. what happened to the gun to gun bet? You should be owning a Glock right about now :wink:
  9. Who wants a jam machine? ;)

    Stick with the glitch free C9!
  10. billybybose

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    We're takin over the gun world one convert at a time.Way to go Kripp!
  12. 1inthechamber

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    LOL I'd love to see this posted over at GlockTalk. :)

    Good job Krippp. :)
  13. elguapo

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    Why bother? We all know the truth.
  14. Huggy

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    Might look something like this:

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    The only reason that piece of junk didn't jam was because it was busy blowing up in the guys hand and hitting my cousins roomates sisters ex-boyfriend in the head with the slide 200 yds behind him."

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    Well, I bet it won't work after you shoot the slide

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    Eww lowpoints are import garbage.

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    ImaTool wrote: "Eww lowpoints are import garbage."
    +1 ImaTool, I like what you did saying lowpoints, you're hilarious :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm going to use that next time I see one of those boat anchors. I doubt it actually functioned at all since my uncles friends college buddys kids neighbors friends dog wasn't there to see it blow up.

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    Buy a kimber because they're awesome.

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    Blah blah blah torture test blah blah cheap boat anchor blah blah.
  15. andrew241

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    nice huggy. And good job on the match, glad to see you prob have another one pulled over to our side.
  16. GlockMan

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    I have to see a movie and a sworn deposition before believing a Clean and Properly Lubed Glock pistol jamming after 198rds! The owner must have limp wristed the pistol it or the Glock was very, very, very dirty. What type of failure did the Glock have?
  17. Mike_AZ

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    GM, did you see this?
  18. Mumbles

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    Am I to assume from this contest that the high dollar stuff fails too? I keep seeing posts that say you must run at least a thousand rounds through flawlessly before relying on a weapon for defense. Does this mean that only two out of 16 of them are worth having? I'm only half joking here. My C9 has gone bang every time so far but if it hadn't been for the price, the only bang I would be making would be my Targa .25 auto. ($25 a few years back). I think I would rather be heading down my dark hallway with C9 that will MORE THAN LIKELY FIRE than with pop gun or no gun at all.

    I guess I look at it this way, my C9 MIGHT fail me when I need it most, but so might anything else and $500+ for something else was out of the question.
  19. I firmly belive that any wepon can fail at any time. The way i see it is if my wepon does fail then it means one of two things
    A. God is telling me it is my time to go or
    B. Well i guess now i will have to clean off my k-bar :wink: