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Nice post Huggy, GM, you have to remember that anything made by man is subject to failure.

I had on 2 occasions while in the military (in tanks) 105 mm rounds that did not fire, Its nerve wracking when you have to pull them back out of the breech knowing that they could be hang fires and go off while removing them from the tank.

And thats with the military spending a lot of money making sure that their toys go bang every time :shock:

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LOL I'd love to see this posted over at GlockTalk. :)

Good job Krippp. :)
Might look something like this:

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The only reason that piece of junk didn't jam was because it was busy blowing up in the guys hand and hitting my cousins roomates sisters ex-boyfriend in the head with the slide 200 yds behind him."

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Well, I bet it won't work after you shoot the slide

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Eww lowpoints are import garbage.

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ImaTool wrote: "Eww lowpoints are import garbage."
+1 ImaTool, I like what you did saying lowpoints, you're hilarious :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm going to use that next time I see one of those boat anchors. I doubt it actually functioned at all since my uncles friends college buddys kids neighbors friends dog wasn't there to see it blow up.

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Buy a kimber because they're awesome.

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Blah blah blah torture test blah blah cheap boat anchor blah blah.
Huggy, my new best friend!!! LMAO!
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