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  1. Krippp

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    a friend of mine with a glock 21 wants to bet me that his will fire more rounds without jamming than will my c9 or .45 from hi-point. i'm meeting him at the range tomorrow for some general practice, so should i take him up on his bet or not? and which weapon should I use? btw, he's paying for the ammo (winchester white box)
  2. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    Whats at risk?

  3. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    my c9 and .45 or his glock 21
  4. My Glock has never jammed, not a single time on good brass ammo. I did have some failures to extract with old Wolf steel case. I don't think I would take that bet unless just for fun.
  5. Are you saying he would get your guns if you have a jam? If thats the case I don't think I would do that.
  6. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    yep, he'd get mine and i'd get his if it jammed
  7. Ooooo, I don't think I'd bet my gun against another gun either.
  8. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    if he'll agree to change the stakes to something a little less drastic than cutting into my armory, then i might take him up n it but i was leaning towards saying no anyway. but wouldn't it be funny to beat the mighty glock in front of a packed range with the "lowly Hi-Point"?
  9. I would do it just for fun. Or mayby looser buys lunch. How much ammo is he gonna take. What happens if neither gun jams? While I trust the reliability of my C9 I don't think I would even chance loosing a bet like that.
  10. I'd say lunch is a fair bet - another option - if he's buying the ammo - tell him you'll shoot any number he picks and is willing to pay for - and if it jams before that, you'll pay for the ammo and lunch. I'd take that bet in a minute on either my 9 or 40.
  11. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    id say looser pays for the ammo. But that could be very costly.

    However I would not take that challenge with the .45

    Not sayin your a woos but plenty of rounds threw that thing could turn the best of us into a limp wristed winer for a little while. :oops:

    :idea: Hell on that acount I would do it with the 45 after all.

    If he's paying for the shot heck a swore wrist would be a badge of honor. Take a few asprin with you.
  12. andrew241

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    stakes are too high, I say ammo costs or lunch or 50 bucks
  13. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    Yeah, but I sure as hell wouldnt be my gun....
  14. The stakes are a bit steep, but sabotage is always an option! :wink:

    Acutally, I wouldn't do it unless he dropped the stakes, or you let him shoot first, then if the ALMIGHTY GLOCK jams, you've got yourself a new gun... Or maybe he's trying to give that gun away.... Never know.
  15. elguapo

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    Keep it simple and friendly....have each other shoot each other's firearms if they feel THAT good about them! (Nothing like tossing a wrench in the works, heh heh).
    Actually, was just kidding on that: Go with Lunch, like newskate suggested, no matter where, just to keep it friendly. Sort of the I cut the pizza you chose the slices kinda thing. Main thing is to have fun.
  16. GlockMan

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    Against a Clean and properly lubed Glock, you may have a better chance winning the Power Ball lottery. Hi-Points while for the most part being very reliable just don't have the refinements that a Glock pistol does. Both pistols being in the same clean condition firing new factory brass cased ammo may start out even but the Glock was build like a loose whore in a sailors bar on pay day night, she will take everything given to her and ask for more. A Hi-Point is what it is, a well built pistol within its price point but refinement costs money and thats what you pay for in a Glock.
  17. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    now that is what i'd call a definitive and descriptive answer, thanx glockman
  18. I find it abusultly amazing how everyone loves the glock they are a good base wepon but i have a buddy in the 1053rd mec that will tell you the glock will jam when you need it most. he was shot twice in the right should while enter in a room in sudan. yep u guessed it the glock jammed. my glock 19c will jam every other round if i fire fiuci ammo (hint hint) all you need to do is supply all the ammo. but i still dont think i would bet two wepons for one. why dont you try lowering the odds to loser has to buy the beer :lol:
  19. unclerob

    unclerob Member

    Yet you CCW your glock, as stated in the CCW thread you just started @

    OK I'm confused. Glock or no Glock?
    Just wondering.
  20. Any wepon can jam at any time. The glock was a gift from my father on my 18th birthday at that time the xds were not around also i just recantly aquirred my xd so up untill that point all i was able to carry other then my 1911 ( they dont fit in your pocket very well lol ) was my glock. sorry for any confusion on that. i should have made it a little less confusing I am not downing glocks at all the point i was trying to make is any wepon can jam at any time and that if he trys the fiocui ammo it may not work well and cause the glock to jam :?