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Discussion in 'Reloading Room' started by rimfirehunter, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Brass offered in this thread is......

    For Exchange..... For Free.... asking for actual S&H cost acceptable.

    If you have brass to sell please list it in the Trading Zone and Classifieds area of the forum. Any items that are FOR SALE and found in this thread will be deleted without notification.
  2. screwylewie

    screwylewie Guest

    I usually take most of the Brass I don't reload for to the scrapyard, But this is a great Idea. I will start saving it to offer here (only ask shipping costs). As of now I have some 44 magnums and some .308. not much, just visited the scrapyard a week ago.

  3. screwylewie

    screwylewie Guest

    Also I have a box (20) of factory IMI 50AE if someone could help me out with some 380 acp brass. Not sure about shipping live ammo, but could pull the bullets and ship cases and heads.
  4. screwylewie,

    I will take the .44 Mag brass!!!!!!!!!!! I will take ANY and ALL .44 Mag and .44 Special! PM me.

    PM PrimalSeal about the .50AE brass. He shoots that caliber and will gladly pay S&H to get the brass.
  5. screwylewie

    screwylewie Guest

    44 mag brass goes to RH. RH I will round up all the 44 (mag+spec)brass I have tommarow and get back to you.
  6. I have the following.........

    .38 Special.... ~100 pieces... FREE.
  7. MalcolmStone

    MalcolmStone Member

    How much .380 brass are you wanting? I could use the 50AE ammo.

  8. screwylewie

    screwylewie Guest

    I think Shipping loaded ammo thru the US postal service is not legal. If I am wrong about this , someone let me know.
  9. Jarhead1775

    Jarhead1775 Guest

    Screwylewie, you are correct. AS per USPS Regulations.
    Division 1.2: Projection Hazard Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
  10. I have a crap load of .380 brass at home Lewie, let me know about that 50 AE ammo... If not, no worries, I'll send you some brass once I get home.
  11. Pills I'll take the 9mm brass, and pay for shipping if you still have it :)
  12. pills

    pills Guest

    pm me your info. I will pay shipping.
  13. andrew241

    andrew241 Member

    I am in need of 45 acp brass and 9mm as always. I will pay shipping. I will start saving up the 38's that I see at the local shootin joint for this thread.
  14. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    ive got a littel 380 ill send you Pm me with an addy and ill zip it off.

    ETA i sorted it all and its about 100 rounds of once fired and some range pickup .380. needs a tumble before loading. first "i take it" gets it.

  15. I certainly could use it SW, but I don't wanna be greedy.
  16. pills

    pills Guest

    please pm me your info again. I accidentally cleared all of my inbox.
  17. Sakdog

    Sakdog Member

    Up for trades.. (100) rounds of .38 spl brass I know I have at least 100 rounds maybe 200 or more.. (100) rounds of 223 brass and (100) rounds of .357mag brass also (50-60) rounds of .357 Sig brass (70) rounds of .30-30 and (30) of 30.06

    I currently reload 9mm, 9mm Makarov and .40 (Would be looking for trades in those calibers)

    I may have more of the above calibers.. Just looking what people got that they are willing to trade.
  18. I have lots of 9mm and 40 S&W that I would like to trade for .45ACP
  19. I still have that 7.62x39 and .30-30 brass fs. Its up on arfcom but i'm still waiting to hear back. I'm looking to trade for .40 or .308. If you're interested we will talk