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The breath of death

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Who else uses a blow gun to harvest small edibles? My go-to "weapon" (dang-I hate to use that word) for small edibles has been the sling shot for the longest time. It’s very effective and has provided me many a squirrel and rabbit dinner.

But some years ago I injured my leg and started using a staff when taking my walks through the woods. a couple of seasons ago I got the idea of using my blowgun as a staff. I simply slipped a cane end over the end of the barrel. I would put a few bludgeons in my bag and some broadhead tipped darts in the quiver. they work great on squirrels and rabbits.

i still use a slingshot. Recently purchased a pocket slingshot. I don’t ever see me not using a slingshot. I think the slingshot might even have a 5 or so yard effective range over the blow gun. But the blow gun is certainly effective. I like the bludgeon darts they put rabbits and squirrels down effectively. On anything larger I like the broadhead darts. I have taken a few raccoons with them, and the long bamboo darts have proven effective on frogs during the summer months, although I just prefer the gig for frogs, the gig is just easier, but the blow gun is at least effective!.
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Does my pellet gun count? It blows out the pellets effectively
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Mine is spring operated. It will smack the ever living shit out of a rabbit. Especially when I use the 22 barrel. That pellet hits like superman. Lol

Thats not a quite gun either.
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