The Changing Nature of New Gun Introduction and Manufacture

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    I referenced this article before but didn't have time to track it down. Here it is. He makes some very interesting observations.

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    Who buys magazines/newspapers these days?

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    I think it's the increased competition from foreign gun Mfgs. Gun makers are in a big hurry to get their "new" guns on the market ahead of everyone else. There are gun brands on the market that I have never heard of
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    I do.

    I find that I don't trust the vast majority of the bloggers and "new media" gun reporters they seem to be mostly a large lot of untalented amateurs looking for their 15 minutes of fame. They don't write well, their reviews tend to be unhelpful, and the engage in a lot of "me too" reporting. Some of them are little better than gossip columnist and they write their blogs that way. They also frequently show a complete lack of understanding of what makes good journalism. They often have flaccid journalistic integrity and no clue how print media is conducted including the idea of lead time and print schedules.

    There are really only about three of the new media bloggers that I have any amount of trust in. I find that the traditional print media journalists in the gun rags really are far more knowledgeable and more trustworthy while being able to be far less biased regardless of what the bloggers say.

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    I buy gun mags as well. Other than that, i get my info from here and a few other trusted forums. I really can't afford the latest greatest anyway. I prefer to buy used. I am not a gun snob either by any means. My favorite guns are the ones I picked up for under 300 bucks. There really aren't any mags or blogs that I have seen that talk about the sub $300.00 category. If they do, they generally say to stay away. I'd have missed out on a lot of fine weopons if I had listened to all the hype thats out there. I just like the gun rags for the pictures, I swear.... I mean the articles.