The countdown has begun

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  1. Oh Joy Joy... I can see feel the hit in the wallet already!

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  3. :cry: :cry:

    Bah! Humbug! :!: :!:

    I know this time of year is important for the economy but I believe it is bad for human relations. The supposed focus of this holiday-the arrival of a savior for mankind- is completely subverted to the bottom line of business and the gifts given/received. It is a holiday of simple greed.

    Notice-this hatred for what this holiday has become is being posted by a person without religion...

    P*** on the materialism folks, rethink your own priorities and hold those you love close for you'll not always have them. :idea:

    Call me 'Scrooge' At least old Ebenezer was an honest businessman, unlike many of today's enterprises.
  4. Christmas has been ruined for me already, as my wife says I cannot have a new rifle that I wanted so............ Oh well, happy holidays everyone!
  5. Easy there, just because you see no joy in the holidays doesn't mean no one else does. While a religious holiday, it isn't what it's all about. Neither is the money either. It's about taking a step back and thinking of others before yourself. Buy the guy behind you in the drive through his coffee at starbucks. Open a door for someone. Smile and wave at a complete stranger driving by your house. If you don't try to be happy you wont be, and you'll only bring others down around you and that's just not fair to them.
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    Oh good you are only talking about that count down LOL
  7. You're right as far as what you say goes. But, why can't we be nice to the guy in line with us every day? And, while I realize many businesses need good sales during the season to remain in business, it is a shame that a holiday meant for people has become a holiday for money.

    By the way---enjoy those you love during this holiday season, in the end that's all you've got that matters.