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The definitive .308 mauser thread

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We should gather all the resources and whatnot that is actually ligit and make a definitive .308 mauser thread. Information on the webs is all over the place. It would be nice to be the only website with an accurate description of what is safe to fire through these rifles.
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It's easy.
There were no mausers chambered for .308 win, they were chambered for 7.62x51 nato. Run surplus ammo in them, or load them on lightly.
If you buy off the shelf, then buy Winchester white box 7.62.

I don't understand the controversy/confusion over .308 vs 7.62 nato, or .223 and 5.56. It is different, put the proper round in the proper chamber.
We don't put square pegs in round holes. So why use the wrong ammunition in a rifle?

The only exception might be the old Spanish mausers. There is talk that they were chambered for a round that was lower in pressure than the nato round. I have only read that in a couple of places, and the difference seemed negligible.
The Spanish mauser is exactly the one that I have -_-
The Spanish Mausers that were converted such as the M1916, to 7.62X51, should not fire modern .308 at all. The receivers and bolts were not treated so as to handle the higher pressures. As far as other Mauser 7.62X51, such as the Israeli conversions, Zerodaze has nailed it.
See SW told me a while back that the NATO military 7.62x51mm was loaded to higher pressures than the commercial :'(

There is no end to the madness!

What can I do with that old 1916 mauser? Shoot German practice ammo through it? I don't want it exploding my face off.
How has century managed to keep from getting nailed on this? The Mauser(s) I bought from them are all listed as .308 yet if they sold a .223 as a 5.56 or 9mm as .380 they would be in massive trouble from the Feds on down.
Ok, so it is indeed safe to shoot NATO spec 7.62x51 out of my old Spanish mauser then? I've shot about 20 rounds of the stuff through there and it did fine other than insane recoil.
Here's something else interesting... I found another marking on the gun up towards the muzzle. It says:

M1916 308 WIN

I emailed century with the following message:

Hello, I have a Mauser with your import mark on it. From what I've been able to find, it's a Spanish mauser that's been rechambered. I've read from many sources that it is not safe to fire commercial .308 win ammo out of these rifles, but under your import mark it is labeled .308 WIN. On the receiver however, it just says CAL762, which makes me wonder if it isn't 7.62x51mm NATO, which has different pressure ratings and headspace.

I'd like to know if you still have any information about this rifle, as I've not been very lucky in finding any reliable information on them. Some pages say it's fine to shoot .308 win while others say that the rifles have exploded from it. I don't want to end up wounded or dead from shooting this rifle. Could you please send me any information that you have about it, and please tell me what types of ammunition are safe to shoot out of this rifle? If possible, I'd like to know what grain of bullet, etc. is recommended to be the most safe.

Thank you very much!

Hopefully I'll get a response...but my next question is: Does CAI actually know anything about what they are selling? I'd really like to have a .308, but I'm not going to risk my personal safety for it, I'll convert this bad boy to 7.62x39mm and be done with it if I have to.
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Thanks Krippp. Here's the response from Century:

These rifles were converted in the 1950's, for reserve use, when Spain transitioned to the 7.62mm from the 7.92 Mauser. I would be cautious about what ammunition you use because the rifle is an older type, based on the earlier M1893 design and the bolt does not have the 3rd locking lug of the 98 Mauser. If you do intend to use it occasionally, I would look at lighter factory loads.

While I enjoy shooting the rifle and really want to keep it, 7.62x51mm NATO ammo is $1/round or higher everywhere I can find it, and the conversion idea is starting to fall through, so I think I'm gonna post it on that site you told me about Krippp, and see if some nice collector wants to give it a good home.
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