The Eagles

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  1. Always loved this band a lot when growing up,and always have.Glenn Frey passed away today.67. Thanks much for the great music...

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    The Eagles are definitely one of my all time favorite bands! Loved that California sound that came out in the '70's. RIP Glen Frey.

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    Dang, that's too bad. You'd think they'd have that sort of thing sorted out, as much advancements as they have made in medicine.

    Those guys deserve every bit of recognition they can be given, they made a HUGE impact on music, and made some danged fine music in the process. Sad day, for sure.:(
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    Always wanted to see them in concert.... :(
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    That's so sad. Growing up in the '70s they were one of the biggest bands around. Some of the greatest music ever.
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    Love the Eagles... Funny how when they first started out, they were considered a 'country' band!

    RIP Glen!

    Joe Walsh is on my favorite guitarists list.
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    I seen the Eagles with Joe Walsh in Cincinnati in 1978. Steve Miller Band & Eddie Money played also. Was a great concert!!!

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    My first concert at the ripe old age of 19 was an Eagles show. It was at the Forum in Los Angeles (Inglewood, actually) in 1976. It was right before the Hotel California album was released, and they did several songs from it. Joe Walsh had joined, and Randy Meisner was still with them on bass and vocals (way better than Timothy B. Schmit in my opinion). They sounded so great, nice and tight and no sloppiness to be heard. I'll never forget it. I suppose we are going to be seeing a lot more of our favorite musicians we all will eventually.
    RIP, Glenn Frey, I loved your music.
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    I got to sit and talk to him when they played the casino. My office was off the hallway to the stage and it was closest so a lot of the bands came in and yapped with us before or on break. Repaired guitars and amps for some too.