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  1. I think I'm getting sued.

    I'm actually not kidding.
    Back in February, on my birthday, actually, I got into a fender bender not far from the house. Nothing even close to noteworthy; five miles an hour, I hit a dude in front of me. Nothing malicious or anything; he and I were laughing about it. Thing is, I hit his company car, which belonged to a car dealership not far from me. We would have just let it go, but his rear bumper was slightly cracked, so of course being a company car, it had to be reported. So, of course, I went to his company with him and gave them my insurance info and they gave me theirs, etc.

    Maybe a week after that, I received a letter from the car dealership company that owned the dealership. They basically told me I had seven days to pay or they would take me to court. I notified my insurance, which is USAA, and they had me upload the documents I was sent, then told me I was good to go, they'd take car of it. That was back in the beginning of March. After that, it all sort of disappeared. Nothing happened, no angry letters, everything settled back to normal.

    Today, we are woken up by something relatively large hitting the floor in front of the door; there's a packet that was slid through the mail slot. In it are court documents naming me a defendant against the car dealership company for the amount of damage plus court costs and interest.

    I guess I have until the end of July to respond, challenge, or pay. And joy to the world, the UK branch of USAA are closed on weekends, so I have to wait until Monday before I can call them. Plus now I have to go to JAG and get them to have a looksee to see what they can do. My First Sergeant told me it will probably just be a case of me sending everything to USAA and having them pay it, but I for one am PISSED THE F*CK OFF at USAA. Which is really rare. It's a fender bender with less than $1,000 of damage. It is simple as Hell, how do they screw it up this badly?
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    Today's USAA is NOT the company it was a decade ago.

    I was with them for about six years.

    I'm with State Farm now.


  3. Out here there are limited choices for servicemembers. They do have Geico and another smaller one on base, but their rates are insane. USAA gave me accident forgiveness for this particular accident so there was no change to the premium, but that doesn't count for much if I have to go to court. :p
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    True dat!

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    You still look good holding that Zastava!
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