The Family

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  1. Postal4U

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    This is my HP Family

    995, JHP45, C9

    Last one to get will be the upcoming HP 4545.
  2. And a nice family you have.

  3. Nice pics of the wife and kids!!!!!!!!!!
  4. p7196

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    Give the babies a kiss and a hug for us all. 8)
  5. Now that is what I am talking about.

    I can't wait for the stimulous package to get here in the next few months...I have a vision...a dream... :)

    Maybe by the time the check gets here the new stocks will be out on the 995's!
  6. p7196

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    Don't think the new stock will be here. I just got an email today from Shirley Deeb and she says "The stock is in prototype at this time. Release date will probably be late 2008. The stock will be available as an accessory on our website when it is released." So I guess I am going to have to buy it later and get my 2nd 995 now. I wanted one with the current stock and one with the new stock.