the few i have

Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by rift, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. rift

    rift Guest

    here are the few rifles i have so far

    top to bottem
    mossberg 590
    glenfield model 60
    turkish 98 refurb sporterized
    and the 995
  2. Nice collection. One of every thing you need in a long gun. :D

  3. Rift, how did you get your ATI stock that color? Duracote?
  4. Cool looking collection! :) I have a very old Bayonet that fits one of those Turkish mauser's. I wish I had one of those Turksih mausers to go with it.
  5. rift

    rift Guest

    its not duracote its more of a rubber material i found at the local hardware store next time im in there i will get the name

    the color is sage
    i had my 6year old Saige with me she picked it out