Barry and the gang with the Zombie Squad have climbed to the ever-colder next level and tested some ammunition and a firearm at temperatures lower than freezing. So low in fact (-110F, that one hundred and ten degrees below zero) that you would be extremely unlikely to ever find yourself naturally in that environment on this planet.

The Test

With liquid nitrogen gratefully unavailable for the test, the Zombie Squad picked up a super chilled alcohol bath made from 100% grain spirits cooled with dry ice and froze a variety of ammunition and a Hi-Point .45ACP pistol. After freezing some .45ACP FMJ rounds they fired them without major issue in the Hi-Point. Then, to make matters worse, they took the entire gun itself and threw it in the vat, added some more dry ice, and let it sit for a few minutes. Picking the handgun back out of the below zero bath, the tester shook it and rattled off two mags of ammunition through the iceberg with no problems other than the clouds of steam and frost rising from melting ice.

Photograph Adaptation Screenshot Plant Military camouflage

The video also it proves that you can shoot a Hi-point while wearing welder's gloves!

Realistic temperature

This test shows that a Hi-Point pistol can be subjected to a temperature lower than negative one hundred degrees Fahrenheit and still function to some degree. Is that useful information? Well, actually, yes it is. At least you know that if you take your C9 out to the woods with you on a hunting trip you will probably not have to worry about it freezing shut on you if it's cold.

How cold does it get?

The lowest natural temperature ever recorded at the surface of the Earth was -128.6 F at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica, on July 21, 1983, which is pretty crazy. Therefore, odds are, if you need a gun to shoot there, try a Hi-Point, but be aware that it's only been tested down to -110. However if you stick to North America then you should be in better shape.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States was -80 degrees Fahrenheit on January 23, 1971 at Prospect Creek Camp, located near the Arctic Circle along the Alaska pipeline. The lower 48 states of the US hit their official coldest temperature of -70 F on January 20, 1954 at Rogers Pass, Montana. The pass sits at 5,470 feet (1,667 meters) elevation in the Rocky Mountains, northwest of Helena.

The Hi-Point can take that all day.