The frustration sits in, Wal-Mart is the devil!

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Which rifle would you purchase?

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  1. Savage 110 for $365

  2. Remington 700 for $325

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  1. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    Alright so roughly two weeks ago I went into Wal-Mart with my brother so he could visit with some old friends. I managed to walk out the door with my new Savage 110 in 30-06, with a cost on the rifle of $365.95 a way better deal than I had seen previously anywhere.

    Now I have been back and forth for awhile on rather I wanted the Savage 110 or the Remington 700. Wal-Mart didn't have the Remington in when I was present.

    Well last night I am strolling through Wal-Mart, going to go buy a box of .22 for my new 10/22. What do I see? A brand new Remington 700, two actually. One in .270 the other in 30-06! The price? $324.95.

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Now it is a VERY tough call for most on what to get, the Savage or the Remington. Both have a few things each other don't. However a difference in cost of $41. I just MIGHT have gone with the Remington.

    The most frustrating part of this is that I don't know if I would have gone with the Remington. Savage makes a great rifle and I am very pleased with .17HMR the first Savage I purchased.. But oh well, not much you can do now other than denounce Wal-Mart for a while...before they suck you back in for something.

    With that said I am going to include a little poll on what others would do in my situation, but having the open option of the Savage or Remington at time of purchase. Be honest!
  2. Accu-trigger... Savage makes the best of the best in that adjustable trigger. Remington doesn't even come close.

  3. bobm

    bobm Member

    How can you be upset with a store that is out of stock of an item you wanted. If you really wanted the Remmy or just wanted to check them both out side by side you could have gone to another store. OR you could have asked to speak to the sporting goods manager and asked when they would have a Remmy in stock.
    You bought the Savage. Why?
    An Impulse buy?
    Heck there's plenty to get mad at Wally World about without this.
    Besides you bought the better of the two weapons.
    As Primal stated "Accu-Trigger... Savage makes the best of the best in that Adjustable Trigger". Remmy doesn't come close out of the box, and the $41.00 difference wouldn't cover the tax on making the Remmy better than the Savage.
  4. Ari

    Ari Guest

    I too think the Accu-Trigger is really something.

    Heck how can you be mad at Wal-Mart for being what you knew them to be before you even walked in the door. It sounds like you want small gun shop personal service from Wal-Mart.
  5. Two of my buddies at work have Savage's in 308 with scopes and they are extremely accurate. So, by default, you got the better gun.
  6. There's a reason the army bases their sniper rifles off the 700 platform. Granted, Savages are a nice budget boltgun, but the 700 is THE budget boltgun. Just my thoughts, YMMV.
  7. Langford

    Langford Guest

    The savage has a better factory trigger, but the remington is a much better "all around" gun. And if you are unhappy with the trigger on the 700, you can always upgrade it (I have to and feel no need to upgrade either). My .243 is crazy accurate straight out of the box. I target shoot at 500 yards with it, and can make a milk jug dance without a problem. My .30-06 is also a great shooter, we shoot beer cans at 250 yards all day long.
  8. That is a HARD call to make, but I'm goin with the savage as I have a 110 (pre acutrigger model) and it is a sweet rifle.
  9. My 700 ADL in .223 will hold .7 MOA with factory Winchester 50gr(?) sps. I can't imagine how it'll be once I start home brewing... Like I said, the Savage is good, the Remington is better... Did I mention I could probably throw a rock REALLY hard and hit Remington Arms from my house? hee hee hee
  10. I will take the Savage 110 with AccuTrigger thank you.

    Both guns are capable of exceptional accuracy when you take the time to work up a load or find what it shoots best with. I like the Savage because it has less of a "show me off" finish and more a "lets hit the woods" finish.