The Full Auto Table!

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  1. I posted these pics on the old forum last summer when I visited Camp Mackall here in NC. They had a day where the Civilian Auxillary could come down and just sort or look around and hang out with the soldiers.
    They had a table full of cool toys ( a lot of them were full auto) and you could pick up and fondle. I thought I'd share them again so some of the new folks to see. It was a great time.
    I thought a good header for this would be:






  2. Awsome pic's!

    Would love to get that M1 Carbine and the "Grease Gun" just below the Thompson 45.


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    One of you take debit cards?
  4. Let's see, I'd like that one, and that one, and oh, that one over thre, and um...that big one right back there and .........
  5. Whittey

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    I'd love a Thompson. I always liked them and since watching Band of Brothers, i've really had a bug to get one. It'd wipe out most of the savings though, so that ain't gonna happen. <sigh>

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    That Grease gun is really a Carl Gustav M45 I would love to have that and the sterling they have there
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    I have to change my shorts. and no Idid not poop myself. :?
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    ME WANT!!!! i to date have shot 3 of the weapons on those tables. Hopefully it will grow to be more...
  9. The only fully auto weapon that I've ever fired is an MP5A3. That thing was a hoot!!! 30 rounds of 9mm in under 3 seconds!!!! Gotta love full auto fire.
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    Hmmm integrally silenced MP5... [​IMG]
  11. I've shot an AK-47 that was full auto. Now that was fantastic. Of course it was all legal. The owner was rather wealthy fellow and had his Class 3. he collects full autos of all kinds . It's an expensive hobby but by God he has fun. And so does anyone who comes over to try them out.
    I'm glad you guys liked the pics. I've got more but I just haven't downloaded them yet. I'll post some more in time.
    I hope they do the "open house" again next year. I had a great time.
  12. I got to fire quite a few different full autos while in the army, man I miss them days.

    I would go for the grenade launcher in those pics if it were me. That or if I am not mistaken, the one that is a WWII german light machinegun :lol: