The Future Of The Gun

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Hermitt, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Very interesting article thanks for posting it.

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    Point of order...let it be noted that the guy that told Holder to his face to suck it was from Utah.

    Thank you.:p
  4. You'll know it's coming when the politicians and their friends start buying up firearms in bulk cause when it happens prices of 'pre-smartgun-technology' guns are going to go through the roof. Just imagine Hi Points selling for $800 and up.:D
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    As an Information Technology professional with a strong professional investment in Information Security, I believe that "Smart Gun" technology which would satisfy most 2A supporters or the needs of the military is probably a Century away if ever.

    I've been watching the technology grow for the last 25 years or more and the same basic problems keep presenting themselves and they're the same basic problems that are in effect for user authentication in Information space. Only with firearms, the need for perfection is the same as with a Secret or Top Secret level system for the government; if the user authentication system fails either to authenticate someone that it should or authenticates someone it shouldn't, people die. This is in addition to the fact that information systems have vastly more flexibility in how long it can take to authenticate, can be relatively immobile, can be large, 2 or 3 factor systems are easier to manage and use, and aren't typically required to be utterly idiot proof under high stress adrenal dump (if a person can "forget" to flip off a simple lever safety, how can you expect them to operate a complex unlocking sequence?).

    The system has to be self contained, micronized beyond current technology, never in any danger of being without power, instantly authenticating with less than 0.1 seconds delay, perfectly authenticating with no error, and unable to be "hacked" by reasonable means in a reasonable time.

    Gads, they can't even get diebold machines to work like that, how are they going to shrink it into the size of a grip panel and give it a 10 year battery?

    When the military equips 100% of its Warfighters with "smart gun" technology, then I'll entertain the possibility that it's ready for civilian use.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    What could possibly go wrong?? :D

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  7. I agree with everything you said, however, bear in mind that 'politicians' and 'common sense' are two terms very rarely used in the same sentence.
  8. I would love the idea of a gun my kid couldn't pull the trigger on. You know what i love more. A gun My kid cant get to without me, and i know will work if me or my wife pulls the trigger regardless of what is on our wrist in the middle of the night.

    Show me a computer system that never fails. and that I can afford. Then I'll think about it.
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    I don't think such a thing exists, I don't care what you pay for it!
  10. I love guns that work when my kids pull the trigger. I do things the old fashioned way; I train them on how guns work and what they do. No problem with technology and an overall safer model.
  11. While I agree with that. My oldest is 4. He still dosnt comprehend the magnitude of pulling the trigger.

    my 3 year old daughter I would trust more actually. She just listens and pays attention much better.
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    Only when separated by "have no," as in "Politicians have no common sense."